As a homeowner, you have many maintenance tasks to keep up with. Your septic system is typically one that you don’t have to worry about too often, that is unless there’s a problem. If you notice any of these four happenings, it’s time to call in a professional to assist in the necessary repairs.

The Pipe Gurgle

When you flush your toilet or run water down your kitchen sink, it should go down smoothly. If you start to notice a pipe gurgling sound when the waste goes through the pipes, it’s an indication that your septic tank needs attention. This could mean that the tank is full and needs to be pumped. Or, it could be an indication that something else is wrong. Calling in a professional can help you to better assess the situation with your septic tank.

Bad Odors

This is typically one of the first indications that homeowners pick up on when something is amiss with their septic tank. In most cases, the sewage will smell like rotten eggs. If the smell starts to get strong when you walk around your yard where the septic tank is buried, there is likely a leak somewhere in your tank. Calling for residential septic tank cleaning assistance can help you to get rid of the leak and take care of the foul odor.

Liquid Waste in Your Yard

If you take a look out in your yard and see there is a liquid waste in some areas, it’s a pretty clear sign that your septic system has failed. This liquid waste has leaked out of a component of your system and can possess very dangerous toxins. Calling in a professional right away can help to fix the leak and rid your yard of the liquid waste.

Spots of Green Grass

If you take a look at your yard and you notice that there are luscious patches of green grasses in some spots but not others, your septic system could be to blame. A leak in your septic system can allow the effluent to seep into the soil. Due to high levels of phosphate and nitrate, this effluent makes a very strong fertilizer that will allow plants to grow exponentially.

Understanding when you have a problem with your septic system can help to prevent future damage. The above four signs are ones that you should be keeping an eye out for regularly. If you notice any of these signs, you should get in contact with a local professional to handle your septic tank issue.