Online degrees are a fairly recent development, but there is now an increasing demand for distance learning across the US – and it seems to be much more than just a trend. Studying your degree online bypasses expensive travel, moving to an unfamiliar city, inconvenient lecture timing, and the need to study full-time.

Online degrees have been proven to be extremely valuable in the current job climate, and they enable people to gain a Bachelors, or even a Masters when traditionally they wouldn’t be able to reach this academic standard due to their income or busy schedule. Studying online is perfect for modern-day and is certainly the most convenient option. It may not be the traditional way to learn, but there are massive benefits to online study that you can learn more about in this article.

  1. Career Progression

Regardless of your level at work, new skills are always highly valuable in the workplace. Whether you want to improve your knowledge within your field or you want to add a brand new skill to your repertoire, an online degree is vital in ensuring that everyone in your workplace knows you are qualified. There are dozens of ways to earn a promotion, but gaining a professional qualification is perfect for proving to your boss that you are dedicated to your career. Online degrees can be studied part-time so they will not interfere with your professional work and will ensure that you are head and shoulders above the rest!

If you are studying an online degree to further your career, it is recommended that you research which online courses are accredited and read reviews about the standard of teaching and learning. Key points to research are the educational backgrounds of the tutors, contact hours for study, and the educational body that you will achieve a degree from. You should also be careful with how many hours you are committing to your degree as you need to ensure you will not become too exhausted from study and begin struggling while working at your paid job – prioritize managing your workload in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed.  

  1. Save Money

Studying online is the most economical way to gain a qualification, with a degree at a private college potentially setting you back $50,000, why would you choose the expensive option when you could gain the same qualification for a fraction of the cost? Online degrees enable you to gain as much feedback as you would from a regular course, and there are also forums and chat functions from good quality distance learning providers. Not only are online courses cheaper than college degrees, but you will also save money on housing, transport, and expensive books.

That’s not to mention the fact you can work a job around your studies. The cash that you save by studying a degree online is something that you can invest in your future – either by putting a deposit down on your very own flat or by getting your name out there with marketing and other self-promotion techniques. Whatever you spend your saved money on, it’ll be well worth it.

  1. Flexible Hours

There is one primary reason why distance learning is becoming increasingly popular – the flexibility of an online degree is incomparable to any other method of learning. You can study around family responsibilities, other jobs, and vacations with ease. You choose your hours, and you are able to have a lot more control of your degree. The flexibility of an online course is a massive bonus because you can gain a degree while working – this means that if you want to change career paths, you will not lose any money while training for a professional position. 

It is advisable to get into a good routine while you are undertaking an online degree because it can be tempting to work during too late at night, which could impact your concentration. Try to follow a self-created timetable and assign certain hours to concentrated study, note that on average we can only pay attention for 45 minutes maximum – so it’s worth taking a well-earned break every hour or so. Regular breaks and treats are imperative for studying effectively.

  1. Variety

The internet allows you to access any degree in the world from your couch. Choose from an eclectic choice of professional courses and inspiring subjects such as Spring Arbor University nursing which allows you to gain an in-depth knowledge of nursing and will give you an outstanding quality of education. Online courses utilize video, chat functionalities, virtual tests, and animations – media which are not used when studying in the traditional university setting. 

Allow yourself the luxury of choosing from thousands of eye-opening courses and take a practical step towards fulfilling your potential at the same time, in whichever field you choose to specialize in. The variety of the courses is matched by the variety of the teaching staff and the variety of characters in your online class, making for a stimulating and exciting educational journey that you’re sure never to forget.

  1. Support

Many people are misguided when they are concerned that an online course means that they will be facing the challenge of studying to degree level on their own. Lecturers and tutors are on hand night and day to support you virtually: from Skype meetings to in-depth feedback, you will feel supported all the way. You can also gain support from your peers as you explore new academic depths online. 

Of course, it will not be the same as turning up to class every day, but there are many ways which you can alleviate loneliness while studying online including working from cafes and making sure you stay in contact with fellow students. If you fall behind, there will be qualified counselors to support your emotional wellbeing and any stress you may incur while studying. Overall, seeing as these online degrees have now been around for some time, the feedback over the past few years has enabled course managers to be put in place avenues of support for the most vulnerable students.

There is so much to be gained from starting an online course – and with so many to choose from, the only downside is deciding what to pick! So what are you waiting for? Make 2019 the year that changed your life – and begin studying for enhanced skills with an online degree. 

By Erica Buteau

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