Additional tutoring is something that can greatly benefit your child, whether they are doing well in school or their grades have been slipping. Sometimes, the rewards of investing in tuition for your child aren’t that obvious to parents, but recent studies have found that having a tutor can help children move up one and a half grades on average. But, deciding on tuition can be a big decision for the entire family, so we’ve listed some of the main benefits of a private tutor in a bit more detail. 

#1. Improve Social Skills:

Not all private tutors are one-to-one, so if your child prefers to learn in the company of others, you can find private tutor classes and learning clubs that they could attend instead. The benefit here is that, although your child won’t be getting one-on-one attention from a tutor, the classes do tend to be much smaller compared to school, and your child will have the chance to interact with their peers too, helping to improve social skills and fine-tune important skills like group project work, which will stand them in good stead for their future educational endeavors.

#2. Work at the Child’s Pace:

Unlike school, where your child will be expected to keep up with their class and work to the set schedule, a tutor can take things at your child’s pace, allowing them to slow down on subjects that need a little bit of extra work on. This could be catching up with topics that your child has missed in school due to the class moving on too quickly or offering some extra time on a topic that your child is currently studying to ensure that they fully understand it. 

#3. Work on Learning Obstacles:

A private tutor can help your child with any learning obstacles. This does not just cover extra attention for topics that your child is struggling with but anything else that could be holding them back in school too. For example, your child’s tutor can help them improve vital study skills like time management, task prioritization, essay writing, or even brushing up on reading and writing skills, which can help to make doing homework a much easier task.

#4. Improve Future Chances:

Finally, there are many ways in which a tutor can help to improve your child’s academic future. Pre Uni College, for example, offers Maths and English classes that can help your child get to the top of their class and help them ace selective school entrance exams and gain a more impressive academic record from a young age. Investing in tutoring now isn’t just helpful for your child in the present. The skills that he learns from his tutor now can help in years to come when it’s time to apply for university. 

Your child doesn’t have to be falling behind at school to consider getting a tutor. A private tutor or tuition class can help your child with subjects that they have less confidence in, work on better study skills and improve their future educational prospects.