Companies spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to win new customers, but in actual fact, this isn’t where they should be focusing their attention. It’s much more straightforward to target people who have already interacted with your business, rather than trying to convert someone to your cause. They’ve already expressed an interest, and might just need an additional nudge to use your business again. But in order for this to happen, you need to make yourself memorable. There are some companies that you use once and never again; and then there are companies who somehow imprint themselves into your mind, and become the go-to option. So how do you make your business memorable? We take a look at a few tried and tested ways below. 

Watertight Branding

Wouldn’t it be ideal, when a person sees your company name, their mind brings up a whole bunch of positive details? If you’ve worked hard on your company branding, then this is just what will happen. Your logo, for example, should express more than just your name: behind it will be the weight of your company, it’ll conjure up values, quality, and all-around vibe. You only need to see the Coca-Cola logo, for example, and your mind will go off on a corporate journey. This takes time and planning, but if your branding touches everything you do (and is true), then it’ll work. 

In Their Life 

People will always remember your company if, well, they’re never really given an opportunity to forget it. One way to make yourself part of their life is to give away free swag that is branded with your company name and logo. For this to work, however, it has to be useful: no-one’s going to put up, say, a corporate photo on their wall. It has to be something that people generally need, such as custom air fresheners, USB sticks, or pens. You’ll be inserting your company into areas of their life that you normally can’t reach. 

Useful Information

You’re not just in the business of selling whatever products or services you happen to sell. You are also experts in that field (or should be). People will come to you because you have a level of expertise that they don’t possess. While you may know how knowledgeable you are, you should make sure the public knows this too. Look at posting knowledge-filled blogs, hosting blogs, video guides, or podcasts. When people have a problem related to your industry, it’ll be to your company that they turn. 

Moving the Game Forward 

One of the problems that certain companies have is that they don’t even try to do anything differently. They’re just a copy of other businesses. There’s nothing wrong with this exactly, but it’s not going to be memorable. When it comes to your venture, make sure you’re doing something that’s different — you should be pushing the game forward in one way or another. It’ll get people’s interest, and help to keep your business in their mind.