Safety, convenience, and affordability are the three primary factors parents consider when choosing school transportation for their children. In many school districts this means having the child go on the school bus. But what if a child is attending a school that is not catered to by school buses? Or what if extracurricular activities before or after school mean that a child needs an alternative form of transportation? Here are some safe and fun options for transporting your child to school.

Walking to School May Be Better Than Driving Your Kids

Research shows that school-age children, and their parents for that matter, are not getting a sufficient amount of physical activity. A very small percent of children between the ages of five and 19 get the 12,000 steps it is recommended they have. Parents also struggle with making their daily step requirement. Walking to and from school with your children is a fun and simple way to reverse this unhealthy trend.

Walking to school together gives parents and children the opportunity to bond with each other and discuss what they are going to do during the day or how the day went. Children who walk with their parents have improved metabolism, lower weight, and improved cardio-respiratory fitness.

Bike with Your Kids to School

It may start with you as a parent giving your child a ride to school on your bike. When they are old enough, over the summer months, they can learn how to operate their own bicycle with the goal of being able to bike alongside you when the next school year starts. In addition to being enjoyable, biking is a lot faster than walking and might work better for parents who have a busy schedule. Children who bike earlier develop a lifelong love of biking. Not a fan of all of that pedaling? E Bikes may be a good solution for you.

Overcoming Safety Concerns

Some parents may be concerned that by walking with their children or biking with their children they are exposing themselves to risks, such as getting hit by a vehicle or being preyed on by unsavory individuals in the neighborhood. Children have a higher chance of being injured in an automobile accident than they do walking on the street or riding a bike. There are many “unsafe” neighborhoods that only appear to be unsafe because everybody opts to use vehicles as opposed to walking or riding a bike. However, if more people get out, the safer the neighborhood will look and the safer it will feel.

There are going to be some cases where because of weather, scheduling, or other issues driving a child to school or using school/public transportation is the only option. However, parents may benefit from looking for opportunities to inject a little change and fun into their child’s life by looking for new options to transport their child school.

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