Nutrition isn’t just something for athletes. In fact, it is an essential part of everyday life. The reason being that by eating well, we can maximize our families chances of being as healthy as possible. Of course, actually getting them to choose an apple over a candy bar can be something of a challenge. Although you’ll be pleased to discover that some tactics can make this task a little easier. A topic you can read more about below. 

Have a fruit bowl on display

There is something to be said for having a well-stocked fruit bowl on display at all times. In fact, if you allow your family unrestricted access to this instead of cookies and chips, you can help reprogram what they will naturally look for when hunger strikes. 

Of course, part of the success of a fruit bowl is always making sure that it is presented well, and that there are seasonal items everyone will like. Something that means it’s crucial you top it up regularly, as well as get comfortable with the idea of investing in good quality produce. 

Grow your own 

Another smart way to encourage your family to eat more healthy is to take up the challenge of growing your own produce. Happily, there are several easy ways of doing this that don’t require your backyard to be converted into a miniature working farm. 

One way is to grow plants like tomatoes on a sunny windowsill, something that can provide you with a healthy crop and also tempt passers-by to snack on these healthy fruits. 

Additionally, growing microgreens in your own home can be a fantastic way of always having delicious salads and garnishes at the ready at all times. Something that means you can skip the argument with the kids about why they should eat that lettuce that has gone all soggy at the back of the fridge.  

Batch prep crudites and dips 

Part of encouraging the family to eat more healthily is making it as easy as possible for them to do so. One way of doing this is to batch up raw vegetable crudites at the beginning of the week and keep them in easily accessible contains in the fridge, along with some dips like hummus. 

Then if anyone gets a bit peckish, they can quickly grab a filling and nutritious snack without having to resort to something less healthy like pudding or candy. 

Replace treats with healthy options 

Everyone loves a treat now and again, and I’m sure your family is no exception. Of course, some of the more processed and individually packaged items can be chocked full of sugar and hydrogenated fats, often unnecessarily so. 

However, making your own treats allows your family to have this type of food still. Of course, the kicker is that you will be sneaking in lots of healthy fruit, veg, and fiber too. Something that means even when they are thinking they are bucking the system they are really eating something that is mostly doing them good!