If you run a business that sells small products, there are some clever ways to create packaging that will likely appeal more to your customers. The right packaging can make your products stand out from what your competitors offer and may encourage customers to remain loyal to your brand. Here are a few tips that you can follow to create small product packaging for the highest customer appeal.

Make It Easy to Open

Packaging for every product should be easy to open to save your customers time and frustration. Having packaging that’s easy to open will be especially important for seniors and other customers who have difficulties with fine motor skills. Pull-tab boxes and easy-open plastic bags are a couple of packaging options that may work well for your brand. Simple boxes with removable or flip-up lids attached can also be convenient for many people.

Use Recyclable Materials

Incorporating recyclable materials into your packaging will demonstrate environmental responsibility on your company’s part and can help you grow your customer base. Recycled paper and cardboard often work well for packaging. Many folding carton boxes are made from recyclable materials. You can also try using biodegradable materials that will eventually break down instead of remaining in landfills indefinitely.

Pick the Right Colors

The colors on your packaging should reflect your business model and what you’re trying to sell. If your products are designed for safety or to portray an aura of innocence, white coloring can be an excellent choice. Black often gives the impression of authority. Blue can be good for eliciting feelings of trust, honesty and strength. If you want your products to evoke feelings of passion or energy, red packaging is a great option.

Add Thank-You Notes

Showing customers your appreciation for doing business with you is a great way to showcase your brand in a more positive light. One of the best ways to do this is to add thank-you notes with every packaged item that’s purchased. If possible, you can add the name of the customer on each thank-you note for a more personalized touch.

The right packaging can leave your customers with a positive impression about your business. Some of these packaging tips won’t require you to invest a lot of money or revamp your business model. By making your packaging as easy to open and visually appealing as possible, you’ll likely see a continued increase in your sales.