Summer is the season for enjoying good times on your patio. Whether you wish to entertain guests, have family barbeques or just sit and enjoy some quiet time outdoors, your home’s patio can provide the perfect setting. To make your time on your patio even more comfortable, try adding these four decor pieces.

A Canopy

To give you more shade from the sun, a canopy will be the perfect addition. As UV radiation can be harmful to both people and to your patio furniture, including shade for . Having a canopy will also make conditions more pleasant if you wish to sit out on any rainy summer days. You can choose to have a tent-like canopy installed that can be taken down easily or a permanent fixture that will give you coverage throughout each season. Certain canopy styles even make it possible for you to add curtains for extra privacy, or blinds to protect against the elements.

Wicker Furniture

One of the best qualities of wicker furniture is that it doesn’t trap heat, which will help you stay cool when temperatures are high. A wicker chair that’s comfortable to sit in is always a great addition. Other wicker furniture options that work well outdoors include loveseats, sectionals and coffee tables. Wicker furniture pieces come in different colors. To make your furniture even more comfortable and stylish, try adding some pillows and blankets. Many cushions are made of canvas material, made to withstand the elements. However, wicker furniture is typically woven in a way that it can still be perfectly comfortable without the addition of a cushion, as the woven structure allows for a natural give when sat upon.

A Porch Swing

Often associated with country living, a porch swing offers the perfect way to relax outdoors and have a friendly chat with friends, family or neighbors. Porch swings are available in different sizes and styles, and some swings are able to support specific weight capacities. Most swings are made to accommodate two to four people at a time. The best porch swings include netted seats. This allows for air to flow comfortably on hot days where trapped body heat could be uncomfortable. Most porch swings also include a canopy attached for shade, though the size and scope may only cover the seat during particular parts of the day.

Misting System

If you want to stay cool on the hottest summer days while out on your patio, having a misting system will make it possible. Your system can be programmed to emit gentle sprays of water to keep conditions cool and comfortable. If you have any plants or flowers that you want to keep from drying out in the heat, a misting system can provide adequate hydration. A misting system can also give your patio a more luxurious feel that’s reminiscent of what you’d find at some of the world’s top hotels and resorts.

Your patio can be the peaceful summer haven that you dream of with the right decor items. Including these additions will make you, your family and your guests more excited about spending time together on the patio.