As a parent, you will never allow anything to hurt your kids. Unfortunately, there are pests such as rats, ants, fleas, roaches, and the likes that can put your children’s health at risk if you do not pay attention oh how to keep these pests away. You have to be wise in choosing what kind of pest control method you are going to use since it is already known to many that pesticides can also be a threat to you and your family’s well-being. You can avoid pesticides if you prevent these pests from getting inside your home. Here is the list of strategies you can try to get rid of those dangerous pests.

  1. Rodents

Food can serve as an invitation for rats and mice to go inside your house. Therefore, to keep them away, you have to remove their food supply. You can do this by storing your food in containers with cover and must place your waste in a trash bin with cover. Putting screens on your windows and doors plus sealing any possible entry points can keep them out. In case rats and mice already get into your house, it is better to use traps rather than poison them since accidental poisoning can also happen to your kids. Be sure to keep your traps out of children’s reach.

  1. Dog Or Cat Fleas

Fleas are small but they have back legs which allow them to jump from the ground and onto your pets. They have flat bodies and feed by sucking blood from animals and humans which cause itchiness. Fleas love to stay in places without direct sunlight. To avoid your fleas from getting into your house, always keep your outdoor grass short and make sure to block your pets from going to places without direct sunlight. Make sure to have your pets groomed regularly. Washing your pet’s bedding at least once a week and using a vacuum when cleaning your house can also prevent flea infestation. 

  1. Ants And Cockroaches

Just like rats and mice, ants and cockroaches are also attracted to food. So, you must clean up crumbs and spills to eliminate their food source. Once you notice an ant or cockroach crawling on your floor, identify their entry points immediately and seal them with caulk. Not leaving your pet food overnight can also help in keeping ants and cockroaches away. Always dry your floors and cupboards. Soapy water can eradicate ants and soapy sponge can wipe out their trails that their fellow ants follow.

  1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases like chikungunya, dengue, malaria, encephalitis, and zika. You must remove stagnant water around the house to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Putting screens on your windows and doors can also keep them out. You can also use a mosquito net when sleeping. When going out, protect your children by dressing them in long-sleeves and long pants. Mosquito repellent lotion or spray can keep the kids safe from these bloodsuckers.

  1. Pest Control Expert

There are cases when the only solution for your pest problem is to call a professional. There is nothing wrong in doing that but you better be cautious on the kind of company you are looking for. Make sure you choose a pest company that offers pest prevention who also focus on the least toxic options for treatment. Consider pest control Marlboro NJ when discussing proposed treatment approaches to determine the methods used to deal with roaches, rats, and other pests.

These are just a few tips on how to protect your kids from pests. You may also find more methods in keeping pests away from your home. No matter what ways you choose, your family’s safety should always come first.