Dog owners and dog lovers alike know how important proper grooming is. While many dog owners choose to groom their dogs professionally, getting grooming services from an expert isn’t always an option. Read on for ways to upgrade a bathroom to accommodate at-home grooming so your bathroom won’t be completely wrecked by every wash.

Get a Pull-Out Shower Head

Traditional bathrooms with showers or bathtubs often have showerheads that aren’t removable. While this is a fine design when humans are showering in the bathroom, it isn’t quite as useful for anyone hoping to wash their dogs with the shower head. Not only does having a pull-out shower head make grooming easier, it can also reduce the stress that it gives your dog. Pressing the showerhead up close to them reduces the loud, echoing splashes of water that can feel overwhelming in a small space, while also giving a gentle massage feeling.

Add a Drain to the Bathroom Floor

One of the most important additions to make during a grooming renovation is adding a drain in the floor. A drain in the bathroom floor will make it much easier to get through the grooming process and keep the bathroom clean as well. This is especially true for owners that have large dogs that they can’t lift into a shower or bathtub. With a drain in the floor, these owners can easily wash their dogs off with minimal maneuvering. When adding a drain to the bathroom floor, it’s best to reach out to experts. With the help of a company like Hydro Construction Products, it will be easy to install a stainless steel drainage system in the bathroom floor.

Get a Hanging Brush and Comb Holder

Grooming dogs efficiently is all about having the right tools and making them accessible. When gathering the proper tools to groom a dog, it’s important to include a hanging brush and comb holder. Once the time comes to brush and comb their dog, this hanging organizer will give a dog owner easy access to the tools necessary to groom their pet. Keeping them in the same, open place can also make it easier for your dog to communicate if they feel they need to be washed (believe it or not, it happens) by going to the brush just like they would go to the leash to show they want outside.

Opt for a Minimal Design for Easy Cleaning

When grooming dogs, it’s easy for dog hair, dirt, and any other debris to go everywhere. If your shower and bathroom is full of seams, you’ll likely end up with hair and gunk clogging them. When remodeling a bathroom with dog grooming in mind, opting for a minimal design will make clean up much easier. With smooth surfaces and a simple style, your bathroom will be easy to use and clean.

Grooming is an essential part of every dog’s life. Not everyone can make it to the groomers as regularly as their dog needs, however. If you’re hoping to start grooming your dog at home, keep this information in mind.