When some people hear the term “modern,” they think of contemporary or recent trends. Yet, modern home design is actually a mid-20th century idea. A “modern look” refers to a specific minimalist design and decorative approach that focuses on airy, clutter-free spaces highlighted with specific shapes, natural materials and personal touches. To give your home a modern look, consider making the following four additions:


Clean Lines


Modern design features smooth transitions between spaces, vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines and geometric shapes that help areas feel simple and clean. If your home features popcorn ceilings, for example, you might scrape away the texture to make the surfaces smooth or cover the popcorn with smooth plaster or flat ceiling panels. If your home features thick, pile carpets, you might remove them as well and add flat, wood plank flooring so that rooms have smooth floors. Other easy ways to add clean lines include replacing scrolled metal cabinetry hardware with modern geometric handles and hinges and decorative cabinet doors with flat or slab wood, veneer or glass panels.


Open Spaces


Many older homes have small rooms separated by walls and doors. This type of layout makes spaces feel cramped and unwelcoming. Enclosed rooms also reduce the amount of natural light available to all spaces depending on each room’s position in relation to windows in exterior walls and other light sources. To create a modern look, homeowners usually remove one or more walls to create larger spaces that feel more open and comfortable. You can still divide these spaces whenever you want to isolate areas. For example, you can create a children’s study or play spot or set up a surprise meal in a dining room by simply adding a large folding screen to a space to serve as a temporary wall.


Natural Light


Even large, open spaces can feel unwelcoming if they don’t have enough natural light. Dark rooms also cause some people to clean their homes less and allow clutter to build up. When you add natural light to a home, you make every room feel brighter and create a positive atmosphere. You also shine a spotlight on bad cleaning habits. Although removing walls can add natural light, you might also need to add additional or larger external windows. It’s important to contact a window installation company for this type of renovation project. Experienced contractors can also discuss with you other types of design elements that add natural light to a home, such as internal and transom windows, skylights and mirrors.


Color Splashes


One of the top ways to give your home a modern look is by changing how you decorate with color. Traditional homes often feature a lot of background color everywhere, especially dark colors on wall and floor surfaces. Modern homes feature white or light, neutral-colored backgrounds in every room with splashes of bright, vibrant colors displayed via personal decorative touches. For example, instead of painting all walls with a color that you like, you might paint only one wall or hang a piece of artwork that displays that color. With furniture, you might add colored throw pillows to light-colored furniture or install more modern-looking furniture designed with natural materials, clean lines and solid-colored upholstery.


It’s important to keep in mind that renovating your home to create a modern look does involve an upfront investment. That said, you increase your home’s value by adding modern elements. Insurance companies prefer modern design because it emphasizes a safer lifestyle that decreases the personal injury risk associated with clutter and movement in cramped spaces. Buyers also prefer homes that have a modern look. You don’t need to redesign every room either. You can start with decorative elements today and then move on to larger projects as your schedule and budget allow.