4 Instagram Boutique Success Secrets
Instafamous. Isn’t that what every brand dreams of? With over 80 million photos shared on the daily, it’s no wonder that Instagram is the go-to place to see and be seen, especially for online businesses. The question is, how do you make your mark in a sea of influencers?

Continue reading to learn four Instagram boutique success tips.

Define Your Goals
No one wants to create a company without a detailed business plan. When starting a business, it’s important that you focus solely on what you want to achieve. You can even promote yourself just as long you understand that establishing your chosen niche means honing in on yoru target audience. Even though you want to market to the masses, you need to refine your focus until you start to see a ROI.

Make InstaFriends
Who said making friends is difficult? It’s certainly not the case on Instagram. Instagram allows you to knock on doors by reposting content and giving credit to other users. In addition, you can add location tags to connect with those who are close to you. Keep in mind that it’s more about your getting visitors to your site and less about making friends with everyone online. Creating the optimal online experience is what you want to focus on.

Posting 101
Instagram has a new algorithm and for some people, even for some of the most famous Instagrammers, it’s become an ongoing battle to be seen. What’s ironic is that although it’s considered an “instant” platform, Instagram no longer has chronological feeds. In other words, your content isn’t getting enough or any exposure while other content that has a high amount of likes and views are pushed all the way to the top.

But not all hope is lost! You can greatly increase your chances of being seen by incorporating relevant tags, helpful information and genuine interaction with others.

Share Your Story
If you want to take your Instaparty to the next level, then look no further than Instagram Stories. Sharing little clips and snippets of your life to humanize yourself and brand! In fact, Instagram story polls have shown to be quite handy when it comes to market research. Come up with fun and creative ideas that’ll keep your audience engaged. Make yourself relatable. Show yourself working with your inventory and organizing in stackable bins. Talk about your inspirations as if you were talking with a friend. Having static pictures isn’t going to cut it anymore, so use stories to keep your account alive.

Building a name for yourself on Instagram isn’t always easy, but it is possible. A little strategic planning can go a long way, so map out your action plan prior to posting.