The kids are home for summer vacation, but it’s too hot to head outside. You definitely don’t want them to spend all day watching Netflix or playing video games, and a sweat breaks out on your forehead as you ponder your next move and check the weather app on your phone.

Today’s going to be another scorcher, so you have to find a way to have fun together inside. Consider trying these four activities that are entertaining and enjoyable ways to cool down and have a blast this summer.

Make Sand Castles inside with Kinetic Sand

For those who can’t make it to the beach, don’t worry. You can still have an awesome time building epic sandcastles indoors with mess-free kinetic sand. Simply lay a sheet on the ground and let your gets go to town with little sand pales, shovels and molds.

Kinetic sand, also called dynamic sand, is easy to make and fun to play with. It’s squeezable and has a Play-Doh-like consistency, making it easy to clean up and fun for everyone!

Create Your Own Slime

Kids today are crazy about slime, and you can become the coolest parent alive by letting your children make their own right at home. You may have already issued a total slime ban in your house, but just listen: you can make slime without making a huge mess. It all starts with some ground rules, i.e., no slime off the kitchen table, slime must always be put back in its special storage containment (a recycled glass or plastic jar).

Slime can be a great form of sensory play for kids. These four easy slime recipes will help you get started, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with food dye and different extras like pom-poms and crunchy foam beads.

Have a Volleyball Match with Balloons

Keeping kids active when it’s too hot to play outside can be a challenge. This fun indoor volleyball game will get them off their computers or tablets on their feet. Tape some plastic rulers to the back of paper plates and use them as paddles to toss balloons back and forth. You can set up a “net” using a sheet or blanket drawn between two chairs.

Cool down with Some Fresh Popsicles

Colorful rainbow popsicles are fun to make and healthy to boot! You can easily make fresh fruit popsicles all while having fun and making new memories in the kitchen. The natural sugars in popsicles like these beat the processed store-bought ones any day, and your kids will get to learn a thing or two about how to prepare healthy snacks along the way!

Summer doesn’t have to mean heat exhaustion and days filled with TV and video games. With a little help from imagination, you and your kids can have fun summer days in. Get that AC repair taken care of, prep your play areas, and dive in to the fun!