A lot of folks get into a rut and fail to appreciate the beauty and opportunity offered in their own backyard. It’s pretty easy to fall into this kind of rut—you rush off to work, then you come home and catch a movie or flip open a book to while away the hours then do it all again.

Behave Like a Tourist

So, how can you go about breaking the spell? The first thing to do is to act like a tourist, which means checking out spots around town that you’ve driven past but never really checked out.

You know what tourists also tend to do a lot of? They walk! Ditch the car and consider taking a stroll around your downtown area. Walk into shops that you wouldn’t otherwise, ask questions, and see what piques your curiosity.

The thing to remember is that your goal is simply exploring your city without any pressure to “do” anything. Just explore.

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Get in on the Geocaching Craze

Geocaching is a tech-heavy version of hide-and-seek where everyone in on the game hunts for “caches” or hotspots “hidden” by other people in on the game.

In a typical iteration of the game, a logbook is placed in the same spot that’s been tagged by someone else who’s set up the coordinates of that particular cache. The logbook tells everyone that you’ve been there and done that. Who says exploring your own city can’t be an adventure?

Research Opportunities Online

Remember that movie “The Goonies”? There was a character from that one named Data, who spent a lot of time researching and finding just the right direction for the gang to take. Why not take a few cues from Data and research parks and other attractions in your home city. You might not want to put any fetters on your internet research—consider typing in “10 fun things to do in” then enter your city’s name into Google. See what strikes your fancy and, remember, to always behave like a tourist!

Have Goals and Document Your Travels

Maybe your goal is to visit every music venue in town or climb every mountain in and around your city. Make your goals challenging yet doable and make sure to take a picture on your phone to connect with fellow adventures on social media.