Everyone has bad days. Maybe you slept through your alarm. Maybe you ran out of coffee. Maybe your coworker won’t stop talking about his favorite show. Even when life is getting to you, that’s no reason to let your self-care slide. Sometimes all it takes is a few small additions to your routine to get you through the day. Here are four tips to get you started.

Switch up Your Shampoo

Swapping in a new shampoo can bring your hair back to life. When you use the same hair products for an extended period of time, they can build up on your hair. This weighs your hair down and makes it look dull. You don’t have to phase your favorite shampoo out completely. Just alternate it with other brands periodically to prevent buildup.

Work on that Smile

Whitening your teeth just a few shades can make a huge difference in how your whole face looks. Stained teeth make you look careless and unkempt even if you brush and floss every day. Start with a whitening toothpaste and consult a cosmetic dentist if needed. If you still feel self-conscious about your smile, you might want to look into ways to straighten your teeth like invisible aligners and traditional braces. A qualified orthodontic treatment service can help you explore your options.

Use an Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes shows signs of aging before the other parts of your face do. The skin in that area is thin and fragile, and it needs to be treated with extra care in order to keep it smooth and supple. Look for something with rich moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and natural oils. Hydrators like hyaluronic acid are also great for the eye area. Try something with SPF to prevent discoloration and collagen breakdown from sun exposure.

Upgrade Your Outerwear

If you’ve been wearing the same coat or jacket for the past five years, it’s time to explore new styles. This is a garment that you wear all the time, so you’d see improvements in your look nearly every day. You don’t have to get something in the hottest youth-oriented style. Pick a different color or a more flattering silhouette. You can finally get that pea coat or trench coat that you’ve been talking yourself out of for ten years. You’ve earned it!

Little tricks like these four add up to make you look and feel better about whatever life is throwing at you. Don’t stop there! Just imagine the benefits you’ll continue to see if you keep experimenting with feel-good ideas. Do what feels right for you!