Immense pride can be felt when you have grandchildren in the military. Knowing that future generations have pride for their country can bring a tear to your eye. There are all kinds of tangible ways to show that you have their back. These are five ways grandparents can support their grandkids in the military.

Care Packages

Getting a care package can make your grandkids feel like it’s Christmas morning all over again. The best part of sending one is that you’re not sending something. You’re sending all sorts of things. Make it special by including favorite foods and any trinkets that hold a special connection in the hearts of you and your grandkids.

Babysitting for Date Nights

The demands of a military career mean that those who serve don’t nearly as much time with their spouse/partner as they’d like. If your grandkids have kids themselves and want to get out of the house, offer to babysit. Don’t wait for them to ask you either. Insist that they take some time for themselves while you take care of their kids. Being able to unwind like this is important for their mind, which can be greatly affected by their careers.

Sending a Letter/email

Short of possibly spending money on a stamp, it costs nothing to send a heartfelt letter or email. When your grandkids open their inbox or mailbox and see your message, they’ll be undoubtedly touched. Take your time in composing this. Be as gushing and superlative as possible. After all, this is your grandkid.

Offer Housing While in School

Finding housing is just one of many stressors on the life of a military person going to school.  If you have a spare room or basement you could be of much needed relief. To help out, you should offer housing to your grandkids while they pursue an education. You could help them with finding and paying for an apartment or offer them a room in your home. Many veterans go through programs like online university for military. They are discounted tuition programs that will help your grandkid finish a degree. If you let them stay with you, they will be able to get back on their feet. You can have more company and they will bounce back to successful civilian life.  Be sure to establish boundaries regarding things like helping out and keeping the house in order.

Phone Calls

Hearing the voice of a loved one like a grandparent can help just about anyone through a tough time. Even if your grandkids are doing well with their military service, it absolutely cannot hurt to give them a ring and tell them about how proud you are of them. Hearing their voice could help you if you’ve been going through any hard times.

Being in the military isn’t easy, but those who serve do so not because they expect it to be, but because it’s a calling that they have to follow. To keep the morale of your grandkids, use any of these ways to show your support. They will be filled with joy, knowing just how much you love them.