When someone inquiries about a business, they usually focus on things like products and service. Restroom quality rarely comes up, because the idea is that, at the very least, a business can keep their restrooms in good order. However, horror stories of restrooms have turned people off of visiting certain establishments. These are four things in your restroom that could be scaring customers away.

Broken Mirrors

Imagine a customer has a promising first date at your restaurant. They go to check how they look in the mirror, but it’s all but shattered. All mirrors reflect, but broken mirrors reflect poorly on your ability to keep a restroom in good condition. If your restroom mirror is falling apart, get it replaced with a stronger-quality glass.

No Hand Dryer

While it’s most important that customers have access to a functioning sink and soap, they also need to be able to dry their hands. Paper towels can work, but they can also run out quickly. A hand dryer is an efficient and more eco-friendly way to help your employees wash up. If you already have a hand dryer in place but it’s malfunctioning, get in touch with a repair technician as soon as possible.

Clogged Toilet

An occasionally clogged toilet is an unfortunate fluke. A frequently clogged toilet suggests that you might have serious problems with your plumbing. Have a plumber take a look to see what could be jamming things up. You may have an old toilet if this keeps happening. You will most likely be losing customers every time this happens. If you have sewage problems the bathroom may be clean and smell like toilet. Nobody wants to smell like sewage.  It’s better to have hvac repair than repeatedly losing customers and your image being worsened by everyone who goes to an old bathroom.

Cracked or Loose Toilets

Toilets can take a beating and leave both you and your customers inconvenienced. A cracked or loose toilet is difficult to sit on and can only get worse when ignored. Listen to customer comments regarding the quality of the toilets. Find someone to repair or, if the damage is bad enough, replace them. You should also have signage telling customers to report cracked toilets or any other issues to the staff.

No matter how much pride you say you put in your business, it will ring hollow if your restrooms are in shoddy condition. It doesn’t take a lot to keep a restroom in good condition. Take care of the most pressing obligations, like replacing the mirror and unclogging the toilet. Then, you can resolve to inspect your restrooms more closely.

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