No-one is every really oblivious to their lifestyle choices, however, it can be hard to step back and fully address what needs to change. If you’ve had a bit of a health scare, or would just like a rosier complexion, then you may be wondering how to start changing your diet and daily routine. Changing your lifestyle choices can feel hugely demanding if you’ve become accustomed to your diet, activities and general approach to exercise. Below are a few ways to improve your overall health without feeling you need to change your whole life overnight.

Phase-in fruit and vegetables

If you haven’t quite got the palate for a plate full of vegetables and mornings filled with berry-topped overnight oats, then it’s a good idea to phase in fruit and veg to begin with. Adding a few vegetables you know you like to meals is a good way of getting used to filling a portion of your plate with something healthy. After that, adding in new vegetables that aren’t too dissimilar to your staple favorites will get you trying and experimenting new tastes, without it feeling like too much of a seismic shift.

Only participate in enjoyable sports

If you hate jogging, then don’t start your exercise routine with a two-hour jog. Trying sports you remember having a fondness for in school or a sport you wouldn’t usually try but like the idea of (disco-themed workouts, boxing or basketball) could get you exercising without you really noticing.

Eat breakfast

If you wake up late and rush out of the door, then you might find yourself being completely ravenous by the time that midday comes around. Taking your time to enjoy your breakfast, and eat something worthwhile will help you feel much better in the mornings and make you a bit less likely to crave something unhealthy by the time lunchtime rolls around. Choosing healthy options such as oatmeal and bran flakes are good options if you’re looking to improve your first meal of the day.

Go to bed much earlier

This can be unhappy news if you’re naturally a bit of a night-owl, however, getting plenty of sleep is crucial for looking and feeling better. If getting into bed two hours earlier feels completely unnatural, then getting into bed just 15 minutes earlier could be the difference you need to start altering your schedule.

Seek help for more serious health issues

Adding in a few more fruits and vegetables might seem easy when it comes to personal and health problems that might be affecting our overall quality of life. However, it’s a good idea to be honest with yourself and seek out professional help if you need it. For issues such as addiction, finding a program with could be hugely helpful to you.

Improving your all-round health isn’t necessarily easy: breaking a lifetime of habits or confronting more serious health issues can take time and courage. However, by chipping away at our old lifestyle traits and replacing them with new, more positive ones, can be transformative over time.