Taking a family road trip can be a fun and rewarding experience when you are properly prepared. As you get ready to hit the open road, follow these four tips to ensure that everyone stays happy and well-rested.

Have a Plan

Some people won’t leave the house without a detailed plan of where they are going. Other people throw darts at the map and hop in their car. You can walk the middle ground when it comes to making a plan for your family road trip. Calculate how many miles you will be traveling, who will be driving, and where and when you will be stopping. Make lists of what each person will pack, and research good stopping points along the way. That said, you don’t have to map out every turn. Unexpected detours to pick berries or admire a hidden lookout point make great memories.

Bring Some Entertainment

Some routes you take will have enough beauty to capture the whole family. For concrete interstates and boring roads, you will need to bring along a few things to keep the kids occupied. Add games, books, and coloring materials to your packing list to keep the kids from fighting and begging to get out of the car. If your vehicle has built-in screens, you can bring some movies along to keep them busy for hours on end. For yourself, make a nice road trip playlist to listen to with your co-pilot.

Eat Healthy Foods

The proper fuel will help you stay alert and awake for the long haul. It can be tough to get the right foods you need when you are on the road; fast food tends to dominate most of roadside America. While you may not be able to get home-cooked meals at every stop, you can bring along non-perishables like dried fruit, nuts, snack bars, and plenty of water. Just load up your car before you hit the road; you’ll be thankful that you don’t have to pull off the road every time someone gets a little hungry.

Inspect Your Car

Little issues can cause major problems down the road. You don’t want to break down or get pulled over, so be sure to check your lights, fluids, brakes, wipers, and tires. If any of these things need to be replaced or fixed, be sure to do so. If your tires have seen better days, you can get them replaced at Nissan Tires.

There’s one major rule to follow when road tripping: expect the unexpected! That said, following the tips above will help you be prepared for whatever comes your way. With thorough preparations, you and your family will have a fantastic and safe trip.