A family dentist is an excellent option for people with children, but not everyone knows all of the reasons why. However, there are a variety of benefits that come with making your dentist a family one. Here are just a few ways that taking the whole family to the same dentist can save you time, money, and even make dental care better for everyone.

Family medical history

When a doctor examines a single patient, they have limited information in regard to the origins of various issues. Some dental problems can be caused by genetic predispositions, gene mutations, or simply poor oral habits. A dentist can more easily identify patterns in you and your family’s oral genes when he treats the whole family himself. Issues that are seen in a parent can be planned and prepared for in the child who has the same genetic predispositions. Other issues that may be late in showing themselves can be caught early after being identified in a family member, as well. Overall, being able to see the whole family together gives your dentist a great deal more information to work with in diagnosing and treating dental problems.

Let kids watch first

The element of the unknown can make many things scarier for a child than if they knew what to prepare for. This is especially true with the dentist. A child walks into a room of shiny tools and whirring motors and feels trapped in a horror movie. However, being able to observe their parents patiently get their teeth cleaned before them can assure them that there is nothing scary or overly painful ahead. The dentist may often also offer to explain what they’re doing with the parent to the child while the child watches on, allowing the child to feel engaged and even get excited for their turn in the chair. When the whole family goes to the dentist together, it can make the process easier for everyone.

Family discounts

Just like the refer a friend discount you can get at many medical practices, you can ask your dentist if they offer multiple member reductions. If you pay a copay for each person or visit, then these savings can be helpful for making the bill manageable for several visits at once. Some offices offer payment plans or let you use your flexible spending account or health savings account funds for appointments. Family doctors are also often cheaper for adult care than those who specialize in adults, as they get more clients on a regular basis.

Easier scheduling

When you take the whole family in for cleaning, then there is no need for a babysitter. Everyone can see the dentist on one or two trips. Not only does this save in child care costs, but it also means fewer days taken off of work or school for appointments, and less time driving between the clinic and home. Plus, most offices have several rooms, so one parent can go with a child to have a cleaning while another sees the dentist with the other parent to make them twice as fast. The convenience of having the whole family seen together at the same time is not only cost-effective, but it can ease a great deal of the scheduling burden that parents face in balancing appointments and their other responsibilities.

Children and parents alike benefit from seeing the same dentist together at a family clinic. Whether it’s the child who needs to see the process before they get their own teeth cleaned or the parents who struggle to make time for their own visits, let alone their child’s, the convenience can make it easier to keep on top of bi-yearly appointments. The information that it affords your dentist, as well, can be invaluable in catching problems early.