Previously, video games were thought to be time-wasters and agents of brain rot. Video games often stirred up images of colorless, zombie-eyed kids staring blankly at a screen; as research suggests, the former notions about video games are simply incorrect. The benefits of video games far outweigh the risks, and parents can reap the benefits of gaming right alongside their children.

Video Games Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Gaming requires the player to constantly assess their performance, their strategy, and what is taking place in the plot of the game. They are actively involved in the decision-making process that furthers the story. Critical thinking development isn’t exclusive to educational video games; almost all games require the player to logically process a large amount of information at once in order to achieve a goal and improve in the gameplay.

Video Games Promote Social Interaction

Are you worried that your child is isolating their self by spending hours playing games? Many gamers enjoy cooperative play in which they can interact with other gamers who are online. Cooperative and multiplayer modes give gamers the option to work as a team to complete missions and achieve goals within the game. Also, popular games have very large communities in which members of the fan base can interact. This makes it easy for parents to jump in as player two and read up on the latest game your kid is oozing over.

Video Games Can Bring You Closer with Your Kids

Video games may not be the same as the board games you used to play with your family as a kid, but they are undoubtedly a fantastic bonding tool. It will mean so much to your kid if you show interest in what they are playing and doing it the game. They will be really surprised if you ask to play with them. Give video games a chance, and you will find that you may like playing them just as much as your kid does.

Gaming Can Lead to a Profitable Career

Anyone who said gaming is a waste of time hasn’t looked at the numbers. The video game industry is worth an estimated 138 billion dollars as of 2018. It’s hard to ignore the fact that some people with a passion for gaming have figured out a way to turn their love into a very profitable career. Software like Xsolla makes it easier than ever to monetize video games.

Playing video games with your child allows you to reap the same benefits that gaming has to offer. You and your child can bond, develop skills, and kill bad guys all in one sitting. Your support now may even lead to a fun job for your child later in life.