Each year parents have a list of important things to do to prepare their kids for the year ahead. In many cases, these are activities related to attending school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there were 56+M children attending elementary and middle school in the fall of 2018 in the U.S. Included in this vast number of students were those requiring annual checkups.


These checkups are essential when it comes to maintaining overall health throughout the school year. These are also instrumental for parents desiring to prevent conditions and to promote fitness. It does doesn’t matter whether your kids are simply attending school this year to advance to the next grade. Checkups are useful in learning growth rates, completing immunizations, and for sports participation.

Physical Wellness Exams


Depending on the age of the child, wellness exams may be quite short. The older they get, however, it is important to measure things like weight and height. Many pediatricians will also record spurts in growth to track each year. These exams are useful to address health concerns or questionable symptoms. These are generally scheduled annually prior to the new school year.


Dental Exams


Another important checkup to schedule annually has to do with general dentistry. Most families visit their regular dentist for these exams. This is a time to evaluate a child’s teeth and gums for growth. If there are concerns with plaque or cavities they will be addressed, as well. It is possible to schedule annual cleanings, which are typically covered by dental insurance at all ages.




From the time a child is born they begin an immunization schedule. This schedule will take them well into their educational years. Parents have the option of having these vaccines performed during physical wellness exams. It is also possible to schedule separate appointments for immunization. Pediatricians are experienced with accommodating family schedules for these important appointments.


Sports Physicals


Scheduling sports physicals annually allow parents to ensure that kids are healthy and prepared to play sports. At the same time, these are milestones to mark growth and maturity. Along with discovering the differences from year-to-year, sports physicals are necessary for most sports. Healthcare providers are experts when it comes to answering questions and assisting kids in meeting their individual fitness objectives.