As we get ready for summer and make plans for outdoor activities, BBQ’s with family and friends, and spending time in the garden, we need to take steps to clear out the garage clutter that’s accumulated since fall. More than likely there are plastic totes waiting to be organized, multiple cardboard boxes you’re saving “just in case” and bottles of cleaners and sprays you’re not sure where to dump.

Build some shelving

If you want your garage to be useful and not just a cluttered mess, build or buy some heavy-duty shelving. It’s easier to organize the plastic totes if you can access them without moving around 10 other things in the way. You can also take advantage of vertical storage. If your garage has a vaulted roof – stack those bins all the way up the sides giving you more floor space for your car or motorcycle.

Break down the boxes

Although it’s nice to have some cardboard boxes on hand in case you need to ship something to family or you want to pack away seasonal items, you don’t need to keep the boxes in their original shape. Choose a few boxes that are sturdy and in a variety of sizes, then break them down to a flat pile. These boxes can be stored on one of the shelves or under the workbench.

Bottles of cleaners and repellents

Most of us use a variety of cleaners in both our home and in the garage for the cars and tools. We also have bug sprays, animal repellents, and weed killers hanging around various corners – usually where we can’t find them. The first step is collecting all the bottles and checking amounts and dates to see which ones are still usable. Bottles you want to keep should be organized into containers of cleaners, bug sprays, repellents, and spray paint. Any outdated or mostly used bottles need to be disposed of correctly. There are aerosol disposal services who can take care of these old chemicals without harming the environment.

Bike storage

Whether it’s kids bikes, adult bikes, or a stationary bike, these items take up a lot of space. You can find different types of racks that allow you to store the bikes out of the way, yet make them accessible even for the children. By storing them correctly, they are less like to fall over and will stay in better shape.

Taking care of the clutter in your garage will make you feel less stressed and give you a sense of accomplishment. Get started today to reclaim valuable space in your garage.

By Erica Buteau

Change Agent. Daydream Believer. Maker. Creative. Likes love, peace and Jeeping. Dislikes winter, paper cuts and war. She/Her/Hers.

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