If you have already had a taste of a sunny day this year, you simply can’t stop thinking about the summer parties you are planning for later when you can invite your friends and have some fun. If you have limited space inside, you have to plan opening up your interior to the garden or adding more sheltered area so you can invite more people and enjoy the best of both worlds. Below you will find a few tips on how to create the right space for your party in the summer.


In case you haven’t started tidying up your garden for the spring yet, it might be time to talk to your landscaper to find out whether or not you could get a permanent or foldable gazebo installed in your garden. You will need to choose the material carefully and make sure that you can maintain the condition of the structure in every weather. There is no point saving a couple of hundred dollars and seeing your gazebo fly away in the first strong wind.

Tents and Marquees

In case you don’t want a permanent structure, you can rent a large tent or marquee for the house party. No matter if it is a birthday party or a wedding, maybe a family reunion, you will need a lot of space for the tables and chairs, and this is exactly what these structures are for. It is important that you are making the most out of your rental price, especially if you cannot get enough space in the garage or shed to keep your tents safe throughout the summer.


It might also be a good idea to look into inflatable buildings you can use throughout the summer and store away when the weather turns bad. After all, you might not want to get the building in your garden permanently, but need it to host your parties or entertain the kids in the summer holiday.  

Patio Screens

In case you want to make the most out of your outdoor space during every season, you will need to ensure that you are able to protect yourself and your guests from the elements, especially the wind and the rain. To enjoy your patio all year round, you will need to think about different patio screens that will serve the purpose, but can also be removed when not needed. You might even get a chimney and keep the warm air inside while having an evening with your loved ones outside.


One of the obvious choices when connecting the indoors with the outdoors is a conservatory. It is a permanent structure, but – if it is not above a certain height – you will not need building permits. You will be able to make your living room lighter if you add patio doors and enjoy a great view of your garden without having to put up with the wind or the rain. You can really make the spring memorable watching the birds enter your garden and working on their nest from your conservatory. The good news is that you can turn your conservatory into an executive dining room or an extra guest living room, and use light and bright furniture to match your garden.

Summer Room

In case you have the space in the garden, you can also erect a wooden cabin or summer room. Ensure that you are getting double pane windows, and have large doors for entrance. You can create a great atmosphere in the summer room, get the kids to play in there when the weather is not nice, or simply use it as an office every now and then. When you have a party, you can open it up to the garden, and make the most out of the extra seating area.

Tri-Fold Patio Doors

To connect your indoor and outdoor entertaining space, you will need to open up your house. Instead of just windows, you can get tri fold patio doors installed that run along the main wall of your home, and make it easy to walk between the indoor and outdoor space. You will find it much easier to take the food and drinks out and move furniture between the house and the garden.

To make the most out of your summer home and your garden, the work should start right now. Decide which element you would like to add to create more seating and space for your friends and family, so you can celebrate the good weather and being together.