Every relationship needs some TLC especially if you’ve been together for a long time. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Getting to know each other and the routines of life naturally cause a connection to get comfortable. When this happens, it can feel like the love and commitment that brought the two of you together is completely gone. But relationships need care and nurturing in order to be sustained, just like any relationship. Think about your friendships, they require a coffee date or dinner and communication (sometimes via phone) to continue. Use this Valentine’s Day to prioritize and cultivate your relationship and show your partner how much you care.

Slow Down

For some relationships, life can get in the way. Taking care of the kids, errands, and work can cause you to forget about paying attention to the connection between you and your spouse. It’s very easy to get caught up in making dinner and helping with homework instead of greeting your spouse with a kiss when they get home from work. Slow down to appreciate all of the hard work the both of you have put into this relationship and creating this life together. On Valentine’s Day (and every day), take the time to thank your partner for dinner or picking up the kids. This will prevent you from taking your connection for granted.

Know Your Partner’s Love Language

Knowing the love language that your partner speaks is essential to understanding how they want to be loved. There are five love languages to express how different people interpret and express their feelings. Knowing which one matches yourself and your partner can help prevent any miscommunication and ensure that you understand one another. The five love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, psychical touch, and acts of service. You and your spouse don’t have to choose just one love language, though there may be one that speaks to you the most. Here are a couple of Valentine’s Day gift ideas based off each of the five love languages.

Words of Affirmation

If this language is your partner’s love language then you should definitely get a card. They will appreciate a heartfelt written message that describes how you feel and your connection with another. For a gift, consider getting your wedding vows framed. They will love being able to look at the words you said to one another on your wedding day.

Quality Time

This love language is all about giving your partner your undivided attention. Have a kid and phone free night so that you can really focus on spending time with each other. Have a DIY spa night and catch up. Do face masks and really relax while creating a stronger relationship.

Receiving Gifts

It doesn’t matter if the gift is small or big, it really is the thought that counts. If your partner loves jewelry, especially as a way to receive love, then take a look at a pair of earrings or necklace from jewelers like Blue Nile. There’s a large range of Valentine’s Day gifts in a variety of prices to fit any budget. Your spouse will love receiving a classic gift like jewelry.

Psychical Touch

Give your partner a mini massage while you rent a movie at home. Pick something that the both of you have been wanting to see and then pamper your spouse. They’ll love the care and attention of a foot massage or even stroking their back, shows them.

Acts of Service

Take over dinner for the evening even if you don’t have big romantic plans. The effort you put into feeding the kids and your partner will mean so much to them. Make their favorite meal or try a new dish! Taking the time to do something for them without asking is a great little way to show how much you love them.

Experience Something Together

A great way to reconnect and recalibrate your relationship is to do something totally new together. Creating those new memories and breaking out of your normal routine helps remind you of the butterflies you felt when you first met. It can be something small like trying a new restaurant or creating a piece of art at home. Just taking the leap of attempting a new activity will refresh your passion!