Having a family is a huge responsibility. You need to make sure that your family is financially provided for. You need to ensure that your children are raised correctly. You need to make sure they receive a quality education. However, perhaps the most fundamental responsibility of a parent or the head of a family is to provide a secure and safe home to live in. Physical security is important. With that in mind, below are three preventative measures you can take to keep your family safe.

Avoiding an Electrical Fire

Of the different dangers that could put a family at risk inside a home, perhaps the most significant is the risk of fire. Over 350,000 homes burn down each year. Many of these result in fatalities. Make sure your home has fire alarms installed, and try to ensure that your home is free of fire hazards. A common fire hazard is poorly installed or damaged electrical wires. If you think your electrical system is damaged, don’t be afraid to have it looked over by an emergency electrician.

Installing a Security System

A second significant danger to your family in your home you must take steps to prevent is a robbery or home invasion. According to the FBI, 7.6 million property crimes were committed in 2017. If you want to protect your own property, you better invest in a home security system. The simple existence of such a system may be enough to ward off most criminals. Modern systems also come with highly advanced features. For example, you can watch live home security camera footage on your smart phone from anywhere.

Protecting Against Carbon Monoxide

One of the biggest dangers to your family in your home cannot be seen, smelled or heard. This is of course carbon monoxide gas. This gas, if undetected, could kill your entire family while they sleep. The only way you can protect your family from this threat completely is by installing carbon monoxide detectors. You especially need to install them near all bedrooms. It’s the only way to be completely safe. Be careful about other gases as well. If you smell strange gas like odors in your home, evacuate and call to have your house inspected for gas leaks immediately.

Protecting your family in your home requires being vigilant. The three items listed above are only a starting point. Make sure to research other steps to ensure that your family always remains safe and secure.