The whirlwind of emotions parenthood brings are almost as life-changing as the baby itself. Becoming a new mother or father is all-consuming and transformative; everyone becomes a parent in their own way, but the cycle of feelings that range from inexplicable excitement to fear are all enough to make a soon-to-be parent forget a thing or two.

In the midst of baby prep, there are a few things you don’t want to overlook. Planning for parenthood isn’t just about the “what,” but also the “when.” Suddenly, timing becomes more important than ever as every choice you make from here on out will affect the life if your little one for better or for worse.

As you prepare to welcome your new child into the world, here are five things you don’t want to overlook.

Evaluate Your Space

Moving while pregnant can be just as challenging as relocating with a newborn. It’s hard to decide when the right time to move is, which is why you want to make sense of your space as early as possible. You may want to renovate and add some more square footage to your property or find a good deal on a home for sale and move into a ready-to-live-in house without any problems.

Whatever you decide, make sure that you straighten out your living arrangements well before the due date. Having a comfortable, safe space to bring home your baby is the most important thing.

Start Saving

College tuition is only expected to rise, so you want to set up a savings account for your unborn child as soon as you’re able. In lieu of gifts, you can even ask family members to contribute. Consider an IRA or 529 account; college funds for babies can offer you tax breaks and earn valuable interest over time.

Prepare Your Pets

Bring in a dog trainer to help your pups prepare to meet their new sibling. Many people aren’t sure how to introduce their dogs to a new baby, and you don’t want to risk any accidents when you bring your child home. A trainer will evaluate your dog’s temperament and help you slowly prepare them for the new arrival.

Decide on a Pediatrician

You can start looking for a pediatrician to handle all of your child’s health needs before they arrive. Ask for recommendations from friends and family and utilize your health insurance provider’s website. Schedule a pediatrician consultation and ask questions to make sure the doctor you choose is the perfect fit for you and your family.

Make a Birth Plan

A lot of women fear delivery because of the mystery that shrouds it. Did you know that walking can speed up labor, or that laying down isn’t the ideal birthing position? You should look more into the ins and outs of labor and delivery so you know what to expect and want you want.

While hospitals have a traditional way of doing things, you can learn different positions to use throughout labor as well as pushing to speed along the process and feel more in control and comfortable.

There is plenty to worry about as you prepare to welcome a new life into the world, but take a deep breath. For every anxiety that enters your mind, there is a reason to be excited, a milestone to look forward to and a moment to embrace. Allow yourself the headspace to breathe and enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or uncertain, remember the reason. There is so much joy and wonder that awaits through the eyes of your little one.