Everyone struggles to find time to work out, stay active and maintain a healthy diet with such hectic schedules during the week. Working 40 hours a week, having kids and trying to fit in your social life on top of everything else can be very challenging. It is important to find strategies to stay healthy and limit stress as much as possible. Here are some tips that will help make you more productive, happier and healthier in 2019.

Find Time For Your Passion

Don’t let your busy day-to-day get in the way of you doing what you love. Whether it be sewing, working on cars, or even traveling the world, schedule time this year for your passion. If you don’t have a real passion, use 2019 to find one. Learn to play an instrument, teach yourself a new language or put yourself out there more. Life is all about finding what makes you happy and figuring out what your simple pleasures are. Don’t put off doing what you love. Instead, find the time and give it your all.

Find A Stress Reliever

Stress can be overwhelming for all of us and can lead to mental and physical health issues if it isn’t dealt with effectively. Everyone’s stress is caused by a number of different outlets — whether that be work, kids, an unhealthy relationship, or even social anxiety. Finding ways to relieve this stress is very important and can include such activities as going to the gym, drawing or painting, or even seeking out a therapist for professional help. Whatever it is, balance the stressful events in your life with healthy, engaging activities that you enjoy in order to cope in a more positive way.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Alone

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, don’t be afraid to venture out on your own in 2019. Go on lunch dates alone, take a hike in the mountains by yourself or even plan a trip to a country that you’ve always wanted to visit. Being independent can help promote self-confidence and teach you to rely on your own means to grow and thrive as a person. Don’t let anyone hold you back this year and take steps to show the world you can succeed without the support of someone else.

Take Care of Your Body

Don’t neglect your physical health in 2019. Finding time to go to the gym, take a yoga class or even jog can help to improve your energy levels and stop you from feeling that mid-afternoon fatigue. Additionally, drinking plenty of water and taking a multivitamin that promotes strong hair, skin and nails can be beneficial for both men and women. Probiotics can be beneficial as well, promoting stomach as well as immune system health. Being out-of-shape or participating in unhealthy habits such as smoking can cause serious long-term health issues, so be sure to eat a balanced diet, exercise and find the motivation to end the bad habits in your life this year.

Put Down Your Phone

Smartphones have become an essential part of everyone’s daily routine, but they severely limit your social interactions and your ability to effectively communicate with others. Setting a limit for the amount of time you spend on your phone each day will help you spend more time with those you care about and have more face-to-face interactions. Also, it is important to turn off your devices an hour before bed to help you unwind. In 2019, take a step back from social media and leave your phone in your pocket or purse more often.

2019 is a year for self-reflection, self-improvement, and a fresh start. Spend your year doing what you love, with who you love, and don’t let stress or anxiety get in your way. There is no limit to your potential and you should always strive to be your best self. Make 2019 your best year yet!