There’s hardly anything a guide on the internet can help you with when experiencing the sudden loss of a loved one. There is no formula or easy to apply set of steps in order to completely digest what has happened and get back to normal in a matter of moments. So why write an article with this intended goal in mind? Is it to simply to wax poetic about emotional fulfillment, or to give a separated, vain hand on your shoulder? Or could it be that posts like this help us think these things through a little, to help direct us in a certain thought pattern, to help us realize that we can make it through this hard time, and perhaps motivate us to action if we have become emotionally paralyzed? We like to think it’s the latter few benefits that make the most sense, and if there’s anything you’ve learned from this blog, it’s that life challenges can be overcome with the right attitude.

Simply developing ‘the right attitude’ in the face of a loss can seem like an insult to anyone with a working brain. But of course, ultimately, how you grieve and act can impact the process for the better or worse. Becoming closer and more appreciate of your family is a healthier option than drinking through your emotions, for example. With the following healthy advice, we hope that the sudden death of your family member can remain something you will digest in your own time, on the right tracks set in the right direction:

Seek Legal Closure

Finding legal closure can be the first and most important step to take, once you are in a state to begin the administrative tasks that often, unfortunately, come with a passing. It might be that you feel interfacing with wrongful death lawyers can help you seek justice in the face of negligence, or perhaps an immediate will is unclear, and requires an analytical mind to identify the wishes of the departed. Even if these scenarios aren’t taken care of right away, it can be comforting to know progress is being made while you attend to the other funeral arrangements.

Celebrate The Good

Ignoring the sad aspects of a passing is never achievable, and you will often only be lying to yourself if you try to do this. But that doesn’t mean you can’t highlight the good of their life. Leafing through photographs you shared together, preserving and protecting the heirlooms they adored, or simply being with their offspring can help you remember the person you loved, and thank the world for the chance to have known them.

Give Yourself Time

Give yourself time to process this sudden departure. A passing of a loved one is often something we realize the moment we are told of it, but to truly understand the loss can sometimes take months. Give yourself time, and don’t be too hard on yourself. There is never any specified date in which you MUST recover, and trying that will only interrupt the process. Write, document, communicate with your family, express yourself in music, anything you do can potentially help you process your emotions, and feel them naturally.

With these tips, you should have a slightly smoother ride through this hard time.