Getting your electric bill and seeing a large dollar amount can be quite a shock. Your thoughts will probably immediately turn to what you can do to save on future invoices. Consider these five strategies for conserving power and saving money.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Older windows that are not as energy-efficient are one of the leading causes of high electricity bills. This is because they are not as airtight and sealant has broken down over time, allowing inside air to escape. Newer windows are more energy-efficient and do a much better job at preventing inside air from leaving the building. This saves you significant amounts of money in heating and cooling bills annually.

Put the Stake in Energy Vampires

It’s not always easy to tell what the culprits might be when you start looking for the reasons your electric bill is so high. Electronics in standby mode, whether TVs or microwaves, consume significant amounts of energy. Where safe to do so, it’s best to group devices together on the same power strip you can then quickly and easily turn on and off. Unplug anything you don’t use frequently.

Get Smart or Remote-Controlled Thermostats

Smart and remote-controlled thermostats change the temperature of your home while you are not in it to conserve energy and save significant amounts of money. They both work a little differently. Remote-controlled thermostats are often cheaper and simply allow you to set and change them remotely via a smartphone app. Smart thermostats learn your habits and automatically alter the temperature of a building if no one is present. Both options can save you significant amounts of money on heating and cooling costs.

Think Green Lighting

Energy-efficient light bulbs are now more available and affordable than ever. Examples include compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs). Be sure to turn off lights in rooms that are currently unoccupied. More cost-effective hermetic circuit board sealer can be used for better conductor density in high-volume applications of electrical power distribution.

Look for Energy Star

Appliances and other electronic devices with the Energy Star logo on them have been manufactured to meet certain energy-efficient standards. This certification is given to a variety of devices including refrigerators, windows, furnaces and more. You can even get tax breaks for installing these in your home to save even more money.

Use these strategies to conserve power and save on your electric bill. None are particularly difficult or burdensome to do. Remember, a few small changes can add up into something big.