Some drivers diligently drive their car to the nearest auto service center when their check engine light turns on. Others may ignore the light until they notice serious engine trouble developing or until the car completely stops working. If you fall into the latter group, your procrastination may be related to a fear of paying expensive repair costs, having to deal with rude or crooked auto technicians, being without your car for several days or longer and more. While these are all reasonable fears, the reality is that servicing your car as soon as possible may help you to prevent small repair issues from growing into larger ones. These are a few smart steps that you can take to overcome your fears and to get your car the service that it needs.

Fund an Emergency Savings Account

If finances are a leading cause of anxiety when auto service is needed, take steps today to start an emergency savings fund. You may start with only a few dollars in this account, but you can increase the balance over time. When repair issues develop, you can dip into this fund to pay for repair work as soon as possible.

Educate Yourself

If you are concerned about getting swindled out of cash by crooked repair shops, spend time educating yourself about the situation. Even if car engines and other automotive parts are completely foreign to you, you can easily learn the basics with a quick online search. You can even look at the cost of replacement parts so that you have a ballpark idea about what the repair project should cost.

Get a Quote

Fear of the unknown is common, but many auto repairs are not as major as you might think. You may spend the next few days or even weeks stressed about the possibility of having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs, but getting a quote will give you firm information. By getting a quote, you can develop a plan for paying for the repair rather than continuing to think about a worst-case scenario.

While you may immediately feel a sense of dread when you realize that your car needs service, keep in mind that responding quickly may be the best way to keep significant repair issues from developing. Apply these important tips to your current and future efforts, and you may enjoy a simpler ownership experience while keeping your car more well-maintained in the years ahead.

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