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It’s the moment every parent dreads.

Your teenager comes to you and says…

“Mom, I want to buy a car.”

You panic as you can’t bear the thought of your precious child risking their life behind the wheel of a car, and you scramble around for an excuse.

You tell them cars are too expensive. You make up a random number in your head as you talk about car accident statistics. You tell them they’re too young, despite them being of the legal age to drive. You say all of these things, and then they say…

“Mom, I was only joking.”

You breathe a sigh of relief until you regret making up excuses about driving a car, as your teen then turns around to you and says…

“I want a motorcycle instead.”

Just what are you supposed to say next? You could just pretend that you have suddenly experienced hearing loss and you don’t have a clue what they are saying, or you could say “most definitely not” and storm out of the room, or… you could talk to your teen instead!

Ask them why they want a motorcycle?

– Is it because of the cool factor?

– Is it because they want the thrill of the ride?

– Is it because their friends have one?

If so, your answer may be “no.” While an adult can buy a motorcycle based on those answers, you still need to be responsible for your teen while they are in your care. Better responses need to be heard before you reply in the positive.

On the other hand, if they want a motorcycle because..

– They want something to help them get to work or school on time.

– They care for the environment (motorcycles are kinder to the world than cars).

– They can save money (motorcycles are cheaper to run than cars).

– They would enjoy the freedom to get around, without relying on your chauffeuring.

Then you might answer “maybe.” They are good reasons, after all, and if you know it makes practical sense for your teen to have some form of transport, then you might consider a motorcycle as a viable option.

However, you need to use your judgement.

How responsible is your teenager?

– If they have previously shown bad form when out on the roads…

– If they have struggled to pass their driving test…

– If they have an issue with drink or drugs…

– If they have a reckless nature…

Then you might want to answer in the negative. You don’t want your child getting into a motorcycle accident, after all! Safety is paramount, so your teen needs to have the ability and good common sense to control the bike in their care.

But if they have shown responsibility in their life, and…

– You generally trust them to do the right thing.

– They are earning money for fuel and the general upkeep of the vehicle.

– They are prepared to take an advanced riders course.

Then your fears may be allayed and provided they listen to your motorcycle safety tips, you might actually consider letting them have a motorcycle, after all.

Should your teenager have a motorcycle?

It’s a tough decision, and one you might have to make. However, by considering what we have said in this article, you can already start to formulate your response based on what you have read here. Let us know your thoughts, be they for or against the idea.

Thanks for reading!