There are many different parenting styles. It is important to decide which type fits your situation the best to raise happy and productive children. Here are some that you will want to consider.

Positive Parenting

The positive parent acts like a coach who helps their child focus on the possibilities of the future rather than focusing on current or past traumas. The role of the parent is to help each child find their inner strengths, skills and desires. This parent focuses on helping their child brainstorm and maps out what they choose to do next. A parent may also learn ABA therapy from a professional to incorporate into their parenting style to help bring a positive approach to behavior problems.

Intuitive Parenting

This parenting style focuses on meeting a baby’s needs quickly allowing them to understand that they are loved and worthwhile. Dr. Sears and others who support this style believe that this creates a positive emotional life where they believe that they are capable of accomplishing anything. Unlike many traditional parenting styles that believe that this will cause spoiled children, this style believes that these children will feel empowered to meet challenges in the future.

Unconditional Parenting

The person who chooses the unconditional parenting style as proposed by Dr. Alfie Kohn believes that these children grow up in the belief that they are lovable for who they are and not have to earn anyone’s approval. This style believes that parents should find a way to show children they love them even when they have done something wrong. Then, the child will use that love to behave better.

Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual parenting is not about practicing a particular religion or any religion at all. Instead, it is about giving each child space to develop as a unique individual. The parent’s role is to act as a role model before his or her children. In turn, the child grows up to develop their own moral code based on their experiences and what they have seen you model. For example, if you believe that taking care of the homeless is important, then you would fix a meal and deliver with your child to those in need without preaching or telling the child why you took that action.

As a new parent, all four of these techniques are supported by a growing body of evidence to produce productive adults who are ready to take on the world. While every parent fails occasionally, taking the time to think about your parenting style or get help from places like prepares you to face the future. It may seem like a long time right now, but your child will be grown before you know it.