As a new school year begins, it’s likely your child will enjoy a perfect attendance record for at least a little while. Inevitably, though, it seems like every year that streak is ruined by some sort of illness or another issue that keeps your child out of school. Those lost days, of course, can cause serious setbacks for your child as they try to make up the work they missed. To try and avoid this situation, then, here are a few tips to help keep your child healthy throughout the year.

To Bed, I Said

Getting adequate sleep is an integral part of your child’s health. A lack of sleep can weaken their immune system, making them more susceptible to various illnesses. In addition, a lack of sleep, of course, will likely cause them to have trouble focusing and understanding new concepts. The key to getting on a schedule that allows for enough sleep is keeping that schedule, even during the weekends. This will help keep your child’s biological clock in a rhythm that promotes a healthy amount of sleep.

Don’t Give up on Checkups

With so many different activities happening in your child’s life, scheduling medical and dental checkups can seem like an impossible task. It’s important, however, to find or make the time to fit these checkups in to ensure that your child stays in optimal health. Especially when it comes to visiting your dentist, skipping a checkup could result in major problems that require a lot of dental work to correct, which will ultimately put you in even more of a time crunch than if you had simply scheduled the checkup at the appropriate time.

Snack Smart

Another victim of a busy schedule is, often, healthy eating. A quick trip through the drive-thru to calm growling stomachs is far easier than searching out something healthy and nutritious. Foods packed with vitamins are extremely important to help your child stay healthy, especially during the winter months when various illnesses are being passed around. Make an effort to stock healthy, non-perishable snacks that you can share with your kids on the way to their next activity.

All-Around Health

Of course, good health goes beyond mere physical health. The sustained emotional and mental health of your child is just as important in helping them have a successful and uninterrupted school year. Encourage your child daily and always be their biggest supporter. With a balanced health plan in place, you and your child will be able to pass through this school year with flying colors, not to mention keeping your sanity and well-being intact.

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