The summer is almost upon us which can only mean one thing: the sun will be shining and the weather will be much more tropical than we’ve been used to. The summer always brings with it new opportunities to explore our home country, get outside and have fun with our furry friends too. However, the summer sun can be dangerous for our dogs after a long period of time as they are more sensitive than us. In order to keep them safe and healthy this year, there are a few things we can do.

Heatstroke One of the most common afflictions which our dogs suffer within the summertime is heatstroke. It is important to remember that our furry friends have a thick coat of fur on their backs and will overheat much more easily than us. It is important if your dog ever does exhibit the symptoms of heatstroke such as collapse or excessive panting, that you either get them in the shade or bring them to a great animal healer for help. Heatstroke can be a fatal condition if it goes far enough, so when you are out in the garden this summer make sure to have a shady area for your dog and a hosepipe at the ready to cool them off.

When you are walking your dogs during the summer, the important thing to remember is that the middle of the day may be too hot for them. The best time to walk your dog in the summer is first thing in the morning and then in the late afternoon. This will ensure that the heat isn’t too strong for either you or your dog.


On a hot summer’s day, the best place you can possibly go is to the seaside. Dogs love the beach and most dogs love nothing more than a good splash around in the sea. This can be a brilliant form of exercise for your dog during the warmer months and it will also keep them cool during the hottest parts of the day. If your dog doesn’t enjoy swimming though, don’t force them to go into the water, and simply make sure they sit in the shade for a while.

Skin and coat

During the summer tour dogs will become vulnerable to sunburn in the same way as we do. Different dogs will be more or less susceptible to it, so it is important to know how your dog will fair in this hot weather. As a rule, pale dogs are more prone to sunburn, especially around their noses and ears. Make sure you keep them out of direct sunlight and even apply some sun cream to the most vulnerable areas just to be safe.


During the warmer months of the year, you will notice more and more small insects coming out of the woodwork. Dogs are just as vulnerable to being bitten as we are, which is why if you are protecting yourself from the pests you should also protect your dog. Make sure as you are walking that you check for horse flies and mosquitoes who may try to attack your animal, and also check when you get home for ticks. Keep them happy and healthy and free of pests.