Starting out your life in a new property involves a lot of effort and some loving attention. Whether it’s your first property or your forever home, you need to combine the practicalities with turning the property into a place that you do not only call home but which also feels like home.

Practical tasks such as repairing broken fences, ensuring that the insulation is up to date and making sure that your home is protected against pests, can take up a lot of your time. But, there are simple things that you can do which can help make you feel at home in no time.


Thinking about the lighting


If you do not want to create a whole new lighting plan, to begin with, you can start by investing in some lamps that can give your living area a cozier feel. Keep white downlights switched off as much as possible as they can create a harsh and sterile environment. Once you have the time and money to invest in new lighting, think about using uplighting and warm tones, as well as task lighting and accent lighting where necessary.


Creating your own art pieces


There is nothing to stop you from investing in art to hang on the walls of your home, but creating your own can be more fun. You can involve your kids in the project, and encourage them to create their own mini masterpieces. If you are not confident in your artistic skills, take some photographs of happy family times and create your own photo wall.


Bringing plants into the equation


You may not have thought of using plants to help with the interior decoration of your home, but they are an excellent addition. Plants do not just help you to reflect your own personality and feel at home; they can also help make your home a healthier place to live in. This is because they take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen which improves the quality of the breathable air in your home.


Create a great entertaining space


Few things make a property feel more like a home more than being able to invite friends around. Ideally, it’s a good idea to keep a social space free from the influence of young children; just in case you have unexpected visitors and they have to make their way through a maze of toys before they can sit down. This can be as simple as keeping a room as a comfortable space, with access to music or a TV, and maybe some other forms of entertainment, such as a pool table or karaoke machine. You may want to take this further and create a decking area in the yard of your home where you can entertain people on warm summer evenings.

It’s often not easy to settle into a new property, but making small changes can result in a big difference. You can start to feel at home and enjoy living there.