Ingrown toenails are not only painful but can cause infection. The infection from an ingrown toenail is more uncomfortable than the original problem and this should be prevented. It is important to take precautions against this ailment, preventing the painful condition. These four measures will help to ensure you have the least risk for developing one.

Trim Toenails Properly

The most common cause of an ingrown toenail is improperly trimmed toenails. The toenail should be trimmed straight across, without any jagged edges. The edges of the nail should not curve upward into the sides of the toe. This causes the nail to become wedged into the side, which is the first step in becoming ingrown. You should also always use toenail clippers that are sanitized so you don’t spread germs to the area. This is because if you do happen to develop an ingrown toenail, you don’t want it to become infected.

Wear Shoes That Fit

You may not associate properly fitted footwear with ingrown toenails, but it has a lot to do with it. If your shoes are too small, your toes will be jammed together in the toe of the shoe. This causes trauma, which can cause an ingrown toenail. If you wear them regularly, it may cause an ingrown by pushing the nail into the skin repeatedly. Just as with shoes that are too small, shoes that are too big can cause an issue as well. When your foot moves around too much in the toe of the shoe, it can cause trauma to the toes, especially the big toe where ingrown toenails are more common.

Go to Experienced Pedicure Technicians

If you like to indulge in pedicures occasionally, or even just occasionally as a treat, you always want to make sure you are going to a board-certified technician. Someone who is licensed and experienced will make sure all equipment is clean, including the chair’s tub. They will also know how to trim the toenails properly, avoiding ingrown toenails. If the ingrown nail is minor and not infected, some pedicure technicians may even be able to ease your discomfort.

Get Treatment for Recurring Ingrown Toenails

Some people seem to suffer from ingrown toenails more often than others, especially on the same toe repeatedly. If this is the case, it may be something about the shape of the toe or even how your toenail grows that is causing the problem. If this is the case, you may want to seek ingrown toenail treatment, like that available from Carolina Foot & Ankle Specialists, to make sure the recurrent problem is solved. These procedures are usually very minor and done in the office. However, they must be done by an ankle and foot specialist who is experienced in ingrown toenail treatments.

It is very important to care for your feet so you are comfortable walking as well as participating in more rigorous activities like running. If you participate in sports, you don’t want an ingrown toenail to slow you down. Be sure to get the right treatment for your ingrown toenail if one does occur even after taking measures to prevent one.

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