The style of your home is an extension of your own personal style. When it comes to the accessories we wear, from the sunglasses on our faces to the shoes on our feet, every little detail must come together to create the perfect ensemble. Your home is no different — and the little details matter just as much. Whether it is accent tables, bold rugs or a perfectly placed mirror, these are the small home decor accessories that make a big difference. 

Accent Tables

Adding a touch of visual interest and practicality to your living space is easy with an accent table. Great alongside seating arrangements and in bathrooms, bedrooms and other spaces throughout the home, an accent table can practically pull together any room. There are playful styles that look more like contemporary art pieces than workhorses. Metallic silver, drum-shaped accent tables are striking, which can add a bold look to a space. When paired, two round accent tables placed closely together and situated in front of a sofa can emulate not only the look but the function of a traditional coffee table. And classic styles in timeless wood materials are both warm and inviting, great for a variety of spaces. There are endless styles to choose from, pick an accent table that reflects your own style.

Bold Rugs

Long gone are the days when every detail of your home decor had to match. Experts will tell you that matching is not at all essential to home decor, rather, they will tell you that it’s boring. Quit stressing about whether or not your decor matches, and start decorating with creative layers that let your personality shine through. Take the first baby steps to incorporating a series of different textures, colors, and trends into your space by adding rugs throughout your living areas. While everything doesn’t have to match perfectly, rugs should complement each other. Too many patterns and colors could throw off the space’s harmony, so choose wisely.


If you have a space that could use a little brightening up, consider adding a mirror. Mirrors can be used to simulate natural light. There are a range of styles to choose from, so finding one that fits your own unique decorating needs shouldn’t be a challenge. Positioning a large rectangle mirror on the opposite wall of a window can reflect and emphasize the natural light. Mirrored art pieces can be used as the focal point of a room. When positioned correctly, mirrors can seemingly add dimension to a space making it look larger. Decorating a small space? Think big, and incorporate a floor-to-ceiling mirror for a dramatic statement.

The style of your home is just an extension of your own personal style. Let your personality shine through by decorating with bold pieces that reflect your taste. From accent tables to textured rugs to well-placed mirrors, these are the small pieces that can make a big difference in your home. 


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