Around the home, there are always going to be rooms that you need. From the bedrooms to the living space and even the kitchen, there are certain spaces that we become accustomed too. So much so, that no house would be without them. However, there are also the kinds of rooms that are seen as extras; not every home you look around or visit will have them, yet some people wouldn’t go without them. This is exactly the case when it comes to having a boot room. It’s one of those rooms that you often see as unnecessary, but when you see just how others are using them, you realize that they can be really handy. So if you’ve been contemplating getting one, or you’re trying to convince your other half, here are five reasons why you need a functional boot room in your home.

  1. To Stay Organized

First of all, a huge benefit of having a boot room is for organizational reasons. Because sometimes, your entryway just isn’t big enough to store things in and if you’ve not got a closet in the hall, you can really suffer with space to store things. But when you have a boot room, you can declutter and really stay organized with everything from your boots and coats to umbrellas and even things like spare blankets too.

  1. To Keep Muddy Feet Away

Then we’re onto what is seen as the main purpose of the boot room – and it’s to keep muddy feet out of the house. Usually, boot rooms are found in country homes, and the countryside can get muddy. So the boot room is there for you to change footwear and wash up before you enter into the house. If you’re always suffering with this, then a boot room is a great way to keep mess out of your home.

  1. To Store Your Coats

Next, we’re going to talk about the actual design of the room. Because the boot room isn’t just a tiny room where a few shoes are stored. Oh no – just take a look at some of these designs and you’ll see that it’s a great place to hang coats and keep organized with all of your outerwear too. So if you don’t have a coat closet in your hallway, your boot room will really come in handy.

  1. To Keep Your Pets Clean

If you have pets, you may also find that you’re running out of room to keep their things. Plus, you want to stick to these litter box mistakes to avoid and store it away from their food – but where? Well, your boot room makes the perfect place for this, so that they can stay clean in the home too.

  1. To Gain Extra Utility Space

Finally, with enough room, you could also give your boot room a dual purpose. If you have a small kitchen or utility space and you really need more room, a blended boot room is an excellent idea. You can double up the room with space for laundry just to make sure that you’re really getting the most of the room too.