Electronics and kids can be a challenging mix. Kids are often fascinated with any electronic device, and while you don’t want to stifle their curiosity, they can do some serious damage without knowing it. Even if you don’t let them use your devices, just having kids in the vicinity poses a risk, as playtime could result in your phone, laptop or camera getting bumped or dropped. Here are four tips that will keep your important electronics safe around even the most energetic and accident-prone kids.

Use Protective Equipment

It all starts with ensuring you have the proper protective equipment for your electronic devices, which is a smart decision even if the devices never go near a kid. Protective cases are a great choice for phones and tablets, just make sure you get cases that are heavy duty enough to handle even the toughest impacts.

For cameras, it’s good to have a proper travel camera bag that will protect it from any bumps or drops. A bag is also a smart choice to protect a laptop. Don’t forget about screen protectors, either, to avoid smears and fingerprints all over your device’s screen.

Set up Parental Controls

If you’re going to let any kids use your smartphone, tablet or laptop, it’s best to get some parental controls set up first. The most obvious reason for this is to keep kids from looking up any explicit content, but it’s also to protect your device.

Kids could do all kinds of damage to your device just by exploring the internet. Your device could end up with malware, or they could go on a shopping site you’ve used and make purchases. There are plenty of parental control options available for laptops and mobile devices, many in the form of third-party programs and apps. Choose one if any kids will have access to the device.

Specify Which Devices Kids Can and Can’t Use

Make it clear to kids which of your devices they’re allowed to use and which devices they shouldn’t touch. There’s always the chance that they don’t stick to these boundaries, but it can often help to let them know which devices are off limits.

This way, you can allow them to have fun on the devices that aren’t as crucial to your everyday life, while keeping them away from the devices that you really need. For example, you could let them watch movies on your tablet, but tell them not to use your $2,000 laptop that has all your work on it.

Keep the Food and Drinks Away From Your Devices

One of the biggest risks when you have kids around your devices is that they’ll spill food or a drink on a device and ruin it. Reduce the possibility of that by telling kids that they’re not to have any foods or drinks while they’re around your devices, and enforce this rule if you see them breaking it. You’re simply better off not taking the risk of a spill here.

Do your part by keeping your devices away from any food areas. For example, if the living room is right next to the kitchen at your house, it’s best to keep the electronics somewhere else, since kids will likely be going through the living room with something to eat or drink.

When you set a few ground rules and protect your devices properly, you can drastically reduce the risk of any accidents while kids are around. Try the tips above to protect all your electronics from the damage kids can do.