Making a statement in your home can come easier to some than others. There are people out there who have a great flair for all things interiors. They can match accessories with style, embrace trends or go against the rain with certain choices. However, some people can find it a little tough and one of the hardest things to overcome is adding more modern touches to older homes. While you really can be so tempted to keep everything within the character of the property, it is also important to embrace the things you like. So if you find yourself wanting to add a more modern touch to your older home, then here are four impressive ways you can do it.

Make a statement with the flooring

One of the first things you can do is make a real statement with your flooring. It covers the whole surface area and square footage of your home, and while you may want to embrace older carpets or solid oak floors, you may want to consider other materials or a fresh new look. However, it is always best to prepare your flooring advance, so a good underlay from websites like Is a great place to start. Then choosing flooring like laminates, tiling or even carpet can be great additions to an older home while adding a real statement when it comes to the interior look you are trying to create.

Add real personality with your light fittings

Lighting can be a real statement if your let it, and it can add personality to any room. Modern fixtures can be anything from dramatic fittings and hangings to smaller more intricate spot lights with LED bulbs. The type of lighting features you go for can depend on what room you are planning to dress. Kitchens with modern feature soften do well with spot lights, however living spaces can allow you to be a little more adventurous.

Installing modern features and appliances

Living in an older house does not mean you can’t enjoy some of the modern amenities you have grown accustomed to. Adding modern appliances can be great additions, as well as embracing new models of more vintage models. You could add a wine cooler in your kitchen, add a flat screen TV to the wall, or include fitted appliances for things like fridges and freezers. While it may look modern, it can also add a new definition of look to an older home.

Adding some color to living spaces

Finally, older properties can often be darker than some of the modern counterparts out there, so it can often mean that people are put off from adding color. Websites like have some great suggestions. But choosing the right colors, or balancing them out with feature walls can still mean you can embrace some of the latest color trends without feeling like you are darkening a room it coming away from the initial character of your home.

I hope that this has inspired you to consider making some modern changes to your older home.