How would you rather live life? Unhealthy and overweight, or fit and positive? If there’s anything you’ve seen from this blog, it’s the profound difference self-discipline and positive goal setting can achieve. But this is completely in your power too. In fact, it’s in everyone’s power.

The mind is a powerful thing, and when set to a goal it knows it absolutely must keep, it can move mountains. The unhealthy and fit you are two completely different people. If you’re in one camp, it can be hard to conceive of the other. Of course, those stuck in a cycle of overeating and a lack of exercise can find it hard to imagine a fit lifestyle compared to the other way around.

If you find yourself lacking in the fitness department, or generally feel lethargic and unhappy all of the time time on account of your eating habits, we’re going to try and convince you to dip your toes in the waters of a fit and healthy lifestyle. You might have looked at top fitness athletes and pondered ‘are they on steroids?

It can be difficult to stay motivated when you feel people have cheated to get where they are. However, that doesn’t mean it’s true. One of the many positives of a fit and healthy lifestyle is that you stop making excuses and blaming successful people for their happiness, or feeling bitter it’s not you in their shoes.

Still, that’s only one benefit. The rest (at least some out of the millions of benefits) are listed below.

Life Doesn’t Bother You

Life can be very dramatic at times. Filled with twists, turns and upside downs, it can be difficult to predict. Tomorrow you may have the best day of your life, or the most challenging and emotionally draining. When you’re overweight and have limited health, these circumstances can seem a lot worse than they might be. This is because your ability and energy to meet the task at hand is reduced. This can be a demotivating force in its own right.

It’s not uncommon for someone to ignore the problem, or mishandle it, and then the problem germinates. We’re of course not declaring in the least that overweight people are insufficient to handle life or stresses. Your inner ability certainly doesn’t reduce because of your waist size. However, meeting the demands of life are sure to take an extra toll you might not otherwise have needed to pay.

Conversely, people who are in shape are generally better at coming to these events with a sense of focus. Their routine self-care and discipline might allow them to come to a compromise, or to put extra effort forth in finding a solution. They are often socially very active, allowing them to share their burden among many.

What’s more important is the energy brought to each event. This is not insignificant. When you feel energetic and alert, you cognitively perform better and are more able to access solutions. You can think more long-term, without worrying about the challenges in your way.

The most important part of being fit and healthy is that you trust yourself. If you trust yourself to complete your objectives, then why should life bother you? Either the difficulties are unsolvable, or you can fix them. If they’re unsolvable you trust yourself to feel your emotions fully in order to process the event correct. If you’re able to correct it, then the problem needn’t bother you. This allows you to enjoy the things in life you truly enjoy, such as your job, your hobbies and most importantly your family.

You’re More Present

When you’re overweight, you’re often insecure. Despite the fat acceptance movements parading in order to make society accept obesity, this is a truth. The same person who is obese would be much happier, much more comfortable in their skin if they were fit and healthy. When you’re obese, it can feel embarrassing around other people. You are constantly worried if people are judging you, or if you look attractive or not. Working on your fitness, even simply losing a pound a week, can immediately work wonders for your mental and social health.

You become more comfortable in your skin, which means your present reality is one you are more happy to accept. It means you can start feeling proud of yourself in all that you do. It means that deep down, you know that you’ve overcome difficult challenge, and have managed to fight your demons in the effort of renewed health.

You will become more present because you want to enjoy your days. Your life will become filled with vitality, and your days will feel longer. This is more than the words here can truly inform you of. The experience is like nothing else, especially when quietly suffering for so long.

You’ll Sleep Much Better

Sleep is such an important part of your daily happiness and health. If something is lacking, you’ll find your days lethargic and unhappy. Sleeping when overweight is difficult. Not only can you feel your heart under load, but your breathing, general comfort and depth of sleep will be hampered. This can mean that instead of looking forward to sleep after a long day well achieved, you become worried about your resting position, your breathing ability or even conditions developing such as sleep apnea.

As a fit person, sleep takes on a whole new perspective. You’ll begin to sleep very, very deeply, and will wake up filled with energy. If you do this right, your entire life can feel balanced and rejuvenated, even after the most demanding yesterday. Not only this, but you’ll find getting to sleep easier. It’s not uncommon for someone who works out to hit the pillow and fall asleep immediately so the body can rest.

If nothing else, amazing sleep can be worth the effort alone. You’ll know for sure when you experience it.

We hope these tips have helped you, and remember – everything is in your power.


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