Experts blogging about getting started with eCommerce often tell you to start your business by creating a website. You might be wondering if it is possible to create a store using only social media. The truth is that the popularity of online networking and local groups have made it much easier to get your business started using branding tools readily available by social media companies. At the same time, you can sign up for eCommerce solutions with different companies, too, without having to create a site. Find a few methods listed below.

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Google Plus and Google Checkout

You can create a Google Plus page and either get your own domain, or leave it as it is. You will be able to create a Google Checkout seller account that makes your buyers’ experience smooth. Buying through Google comes with several benefits, including customer service, reliable sellers, and great support. You might not need to invest in an eCommerce site if you have a Google Checkout account and a local seller profile.

Facebook Storefront

Facebook for Business is another clever solution if you are a person who sells handmade crafts or has a dropshipping account. Find out more about selling other people’s products online from this guide by Red Stag Fulfillment. Once you have your Facebook business profile, you can add images and prices of your products, and update your terms and conditions. You might even create a buyer mailing list using social media, and add a “buy now” button.


How to embed your Instagram feed in Shopify from on Vimeo.

This social media and selling platform is used by millions of eCommerce site owners to create brand awareness. You can not only publish your photos and take advantage of the platform provided for sellers and buyers, but also build your reputation through interacting with people and asking for feedback. As one of the most popular platform among designers, you have a good chance of getting your name out using Shopify.

Pinterest for Business

The best thing about Pinterest is that it offers great education for starting up designers and online retailers. You will love the marketing tools and the services that make it easier to brand yourself online and get connected with your target market. If you need inspiration and ideas, you can read the success stories of companies that have already managed to make Pinterest for Business work for them.


If customer engagement and branding is what you are looking for, you can connect with your audience using the Chirpify platform. You can get recommendations and referrals, offer discounts and free content, and build a strong base of potential customers who will be ready to follow your posts and buy your products in the future.

Some social media platforms are more suitable for eCommerce than others. Make sure that you use them, even if you already have your own website and blog. Not implementing social media marketing in your online promotions can be a huge mistake. You might want to combine the power of traditional eCommerce and social media to make the most out of your online branding efforts.