Are you thinking of taking on a new challenge and going on an adventure? Moving away to university marks a major milestone in any young person’s life, but relocating overseas is a particularly exciting prospect. If you’re considering studying abroad, you should find this infographic useful.

Did you know that the average student in the UK and Ireland will pay up to €11,500 per year, just for their tuition? On top of this, you’ve got to add in rent, bills and general living costs. As the infographic shows, it’s a lot cheaper to be a student elsewhere in Europe. University is free of charge in Germany and Austria and in Italy, Spain, France and Belgium, charges are significantly lower at less than €1,500 per year. The cost of living is also lower. A room in a shared flat in London will cost you around £700 per month compared to €430-€550 in Madrid, Barcelona, Rome and Brussels. British students can also apply for financial support if they choose to study in Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

Lower fees and rent charges are not the only perks of moving overseas. Studying abroad gives you the chance to experience a different culture, hone your language skills and get to grips with some local traditions. Sport is a great platform for meeting new people, so why not get active and make new friends? You could try stone lifting in Spain, futgolf in Italy or dodgeball in Germany. If you’re toying with the idea of packing your bags and moving abroad, this infographic may just help you make up your mind.

Infographic design by spotahome