At some point in your life, it’s possible that you might consider selling your home and starting a new life in another country. That is something lots of families do every single year, and there are thousands of reasons you might want to make a move. Of course, there are also lots of things you’ll have to consider if you wish to achieve a speedy transition. Considering that, you’ll find some excellent advice below that should help to ensure you don’t make any mistakes along the way. Relocating to a new country is a significant step, but it could provide your family with the life you’ve always wanted.

Choosing the right country

Before you do anything else, it’s essential that you spend a long time looking at different countries for your new home. Some places are better than others for expats who still need to earn a wage. So, you should spend at least a few months assessing various nations before making a shortlist. You can then research each of those final selections in more detail. Ideally, you need somewhere where your kids can grow up in a happy and pleasant environment. However, you also need a country where there are lots of job or business opportunities. The money from selling your house should keep you going for a while, but you’ll still need to create a regular income within the first twelve months in most instances.

Popular choices for families moving abroad include:

  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Israel
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Australia

Take a look at each of those places during your research as thousands of people chose to relocate to each of those countries during the last twelve months. So, they must offer something appealing to average families like yours.

Researching local laws and customs

Next up, you’ll have to spend some time learning about local cultures and customs before you organize your plans. That is vital if you’re thinking about moving to somewhere completely different from your home country. For instance, those who plan to relocate to places like Dubai in the UAE will have to consider the fact that women have to wear headscarves in public. Those looking at African countries might want to educate themselves on local customers because they’re often far removed from anything they might consider familiar. If you don’t want to worry about too many cultural oddities; it makes sense to choose nations that take a westernized approach. Also, try to select a place where English is the preferred language for most members of the population.

Assessing the health care system and crime rates

One of the most significant concerns for families moving abroad often relates to health care and crime. The last thing anyone wants to do is relocate somewhere where it’s difficult to see a doctor or get a bed at the hospital. Likewise, you won’t want to buy a home in an area where you can’t walk the streets at night for fear of being mugged. Luckily, the US Government and many others around the world publish travel information for various countries online. That often links to pages that discuss crime rates and similar figures. So, it’s possible to learn a lot about any location before you set your heart on moving there. The police in that nation might also make their figures public.

Finding property abroad

When it comes to finding property abroad; you often face somewhat of a minefield. That is because there are many less than honest agents and lawyers who might try to take your money without offering the assistance you require. For that reason, EVERY family that plans to relocate to a foreign country should think about visiting the nation for a short break first. That enables you to meet with real estate specialists face to face and ensure you’re dealing with professionals who will stick to their word. Also, be sure to contact lawyers to find out about the ins and outs of foreigners buying property. Some governments place many stumbling blocks in your way, and others don’t allow it at all. Just be aware of the fact that buying a home abroad will take longer and involve more hard work than acquiring one at home.

Dealing with Visas

Depending on where you plan to move; you will have to apply for suitable government Visas to ensure your family gains legal status in your country of choice. In most situations, you have to ask for temporary working Visas for a few years before you get obtain residency. Do not try to navigate that process without the assistance of skilled and experienced professionals. Contact or another high-end company that deals with those issues every single day. The legal team you select should manage to deal with all the hard work on your behalf and ensure the host government doesn’t turn down your application.

Once you have the right documents in place; you’re free to relocate and find work as soon as possible. Just make sure you always apply for new Visas before your old ones run out because the last thing you want is for your family to get deported.

Transferring your funds

There are many complicated laws and regulations regarding the transfer of your capital to bank accounts in foreign nations. In some instances, you might have to pay some tax at home before you can do that. Also, some banks will charge fees, and so it’s sensible to research the subject and work out the best strategy many months in advance. With that in mind, it probably makes sense to keep using your current bank accounts for a few months after your family arrives at the chosen destination. You can then speak to people at local banks to find out more about the rules. If you get stuck when it comes to transferring your capital without losing most of it; mention that to your lawyer and ask them to find a solution.

Locating the best schools

If you’re moving abroad with small children; you’ll need to make sure they can still get a top education. That is never going to happen if you travel to a nation where the school system leaves a lot to be desired. So, be sure to make education a prominent part of your research. There is a wealth of information online about schools and universities in almost every country of the world at sites like You just need to ensure you leave no stone unturned.

Also, contact those establishments ahead of time, so you understand what your children will have to do to get a placement. Alternatively, if you have the money, you could always homeschool your kids using tutors. However, that means the little ones will lack the social interaction they get from spending time in the classroom.

Making the most of social opportunities

It’s not only the kids who need to think about social opportunities when your family moves abroad. The adults in your household will also want to make friends and connections in their new country. People who fail to do that tend to struggle to find enjoyment in their experience, and many of them move back home within a few years. So, it’s vital that you immerse yourself in the local culture and get to know as many of your new neighbors as possible. You should also research bars and restaurants you might like to visit with your new circle of friends. If you have any hobbies; you might think about searching online for groups who meet to take part in that activity. The goal is just to make sure neither you or your kids become bored or isolated in your new home.

Transporting your possessions

Unless you plan to start a new life with only the clothes on your back, there is a decent chance you will need to transport a lot of items to your chosen country. You can’t take them on the plane, and so you will have to employ the services of international shipping experts. Luckily, many companies around today can send your items almost anywhere in the world. You just have to cover the cost which doesn’t usually break the bank. Just bear in mind that sometimes it can take a few weeks or even a month before the container arrives with your belongings. So, you might have to keep your kids happy in other ways until their favorite toys come.

As you can see from the tips and advice on this page, moving abroad doesn’t have to cause headaches if you approach the idea with the right information. Just like everything else in this world, research is often the path to success. Are you going to encounter lots of problems and unforeseen issues along the way? Of course! Will they stop you from achieving your dream and starting your new life with the entire family? Not if you remain focused on your goals and remember the suggestions from this article. Wherever you decide to move, be sure to hold back for a few months while you put all the plans in place. Your new life should then begin without a hitch!


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