Music lovers can be really difficult to buy for at this time of year. Even if you know who their favorite bands and artists are, it can still be really difficult knowing exactly what they want to open on Christmas morning. Struggling to come up with some gift ideas? No problem! Here are some things I’m sure all music fans will love to open on Christmas Day.

A Record Player

Record players and vinyl records are really big right now. Even though they were all the rage back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, they seem to have been undergoing a resurgence in popularity over the past five years. So, I’m sure any music fan will really appreciate a new record player to spin all their favorite records on. Vinyl Vintage has some really great tips to help you pick the best record player. If your friend or relative doesn’t already have a record collection, you could buy them a couple of vinyls as well to kick-start their collection!

Framed Lyrics

Most lyrics of songs are super inspiring, and fans can take a lot of meaning and value from these words of wisdom. Do you know what your music fan’s favorite lyrics are? If so, you could see if you can buy them as a wall-hanging. There are lots of artists and illustrators out there who illustrate famous lyrics to sell. Can’t find the lyrics that you want? No problem; you could always get in touch with an illustrator to commission them to design a wall print for you!

Bluetooth Speakers

You might think that there is no need to buy a new pair of speakers if you know that your friend or relative already has a radio, laptop, or another device from which they listen to their music. However, some Bluetooth speakers could really improve their listening experience as they often play the music at a higher quality than most inbuilt speakers. Plus, Bluetooth speakers can be moved around the house and will still pick up a connection from the device – there’s no need moving both around the house to listen to music anymore!

Concert Tickets

Bands and musicians will regularly go off on tour to promote their latest records. Do you know if your music lover’s favorite artist is hitting the road anytime soon? If so, then you should think about getting them some tickets to go and see them. Even if a particular band or artist isn’t going on tour until next summer or later in the year, it’s still worth buying the tickets right now. Most popular artists will see their shows sell out in no time at all, so you need to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. Don’t worry that your friend or relative will have to wait a few months for the concert – all the excitement will build and the suspense will make the concert even better!


Hopefully, these ideas make it a bit easier to buy the perfect gift for the music lover in your life!