Transform your body with the rowing machine

So, you have decided to lose weight or get fit. That is the first step towards a healthier you. You will now have tons of advice from friends, family, co-workers and may be your boss. If you sign-up for a gym the instructor will have his/her set of guidelines for you. Should you work out at home or the gym? All of this can be pretty overwhelming. Here’s a quick low down on one of the workouts that has proved to be a game changer in fitness; the rowing machine.

A rowing machine is a great choice as it is low impact, can be used by most age groups and fitness levels. It imitates a rowing boat’s movement in water thus making it a full body workout. Rowers are known to be one of the fittest athletes. The sport not only keeps them in shape they also stay in great shape, have a toned body and great stamina. This is because rowing not only makes your heart and lungs work but requires effort from your entire body. Similarly a rowing machine can work wonders for you and your health. A rowing machine work out can be done at home too all you need to do is get a rowing machine. Choosing one might look daunting but you can turn to RowingReviewshubcom.com.

Key benefits of the rowing machine

  • It is a great upper and lower body workout. Right from your shoulders, biceps, pecs, back, abs and your core the rowing machine will exercise the entire upper body. This will help you get stronger back and shoulders thus improving your posture. The rowing machine works your main leg muscles the quads, calves and the glutes. It has been found that a lower body workout helps burn calories faster.
  • It is a great aerobic workout. Aerobic exercises are known to help build stamina, lose weight and build immunity. A lot of muscle groups get a workout with rowing. This increases your heart rate and the intake of oxygen, giving you a great workout.
  • Burns more calories. Rowing for an hour burns more calories than the same amount of time spent on an exercise bike. Along with a nutritious diet you can achieve your fitness goals faster.
  • It is an effective cardio. If you are just starting out or have an existing joint problem you will need to be careful about the workout you choose. You should not go for a high impact cardio workout at the onset. Rowing is a great choice as it is low impact. All you need to take care of is to ensure that you have correct rowing posture.
  • Builds endurance. Rowing is not only a great cardiovascular exercise but works out a lot of muscle group. It might seem tough or even exhausting at first. But with regular rowing machine workout you will be able increase your strength, endurance and give your metabolism a boost. Everything you need to get fit rolled into one exercise routine.