2018 is almost here and the fashion mags have called next season’s trends. But it’s not just clothes that are getting the full makeover, interior design is changing too, with new trends, colors and highlights on the way.

As January rolls around prepare yourself for a sizeable overhaul of your whole interior. Welcome the outdoors in with live plants occupying floor space, wall space and hanging from the ceiling and take the indoors out with matching decking and plenty of light. Though grey has had it’s moment, it seems that the more dramatic black has arrived, literally overshadowing the relatively neutral grey. And while minimalism is revamped, industrial chic muscles in on the act with Art Deco highlights winking shiny jewel tones from the bathroom…

The game is afoot and if you love to read about furniture and interior design, this is the very blogpost you’ve been waiting for.

Your Bedroom

Grey has been the new neutral for a few years now. It is epitome of luxurious color, making your bedroom all about soft textures mixed with shiny metals. It seems that there are even more shades of grey than anyone had realised! But move over grey, navy blue is in town and looking rather gorgeous too.

Fashion your bedroom using hanging pendant lights over your bedside table, make a statement with bespoke themed wallpaper and introduce an element of tropical surrealism to capture the essence of the 2018 bedroom.

Children’s Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms are also botanical in theme but there is a structural element at play here too. The humble bunk bed has taken an overhaul and now it looks like dads everywhere will be building their kids loft beds complete with stairs and canopies.

It has to be said that this generation of parents are a lot more creative with children’s bedroom design than previous generations have been. Now, the bedroom is about creating a magical space for play and relaxation with zones within the room catering for each. The outdoors is a critical aspect to this design with teepees, tree houses and big toy animals playing a role in decoration as well as play.

The Kitchen

Minimalism has been on the rise and though it was first realized back in New York in the 60s, it is now a trend that has been thoroughly modernized with introduction of industrial chic (instantly achieved with a brick wall effect wallpaper!). Just as navy has invaded the grey bedroom, so it sits alongside grey in the kitchen. Combine these colors with unapologetic concrete flooring, exposed brick walls and a quartz countertop for the ultimate in 2018 kitchen fashion. Just make sure that you optimize your storage to hide everything. Really – everything. Even the toaster.

The Living Room

Light, bright and airy, the living room is a continuation of the combination of minimalism and industrial chic with walls painted in white variants. Thin, spindly legs are back introducing space underneath the sofa and chairs and showing off the long lines of coffee tables. And yet, there is a certain softness in the furnishings and a definite aim to relax. Low hanging lights are feature here too with warm, vibrant reds and greens bringing color to proceedings.

As with many of the trend in 2018, the connection to the outside world is important, especially in the living room which can so often be opened up to the yard outside. If you are feeling ambitious this year, add a terrace or decking to your garden in the same material you used for the floor inside. This will give the illusion of continuation beyond the glass, an idea that can be accentuated with indoor planters and even hanging baskets.

The Bathroom

Alongside the natural marriage of the industrial and the minimalist, a surprise trend for Art Deco geometry and pattern is also emerging, particularly in tiles. With bright jewel tones and scaley designs, there’s something delightfully fishy about these tiles. In fact, color is on the way back with extra drama on top. Black is the new white in bathroom design with luxurious shiny finishes to add a sumptuousness you can’t deny yourself.

The rubber plant has long been a guardian of the sink, but now, there are many more exciting ways to incorporate plants into your design. While a living wall might stretch a little beyond your means, it will certainly bring character and plenty of oxygen to your bathroom. For something a little tamer, try combining a few different plants to create a smaller display and get on board with the trend for bamboo accessories.