Losing weight can be a long journey and it can pay to do some little things along the way to keep you feeling motivated about your transformation. A lot of diet experts suggest that giving yourself non-food related rewards as you reach certain milestones and targets can be a good way to do this, and getting a makeover for your hair can certainly fit the bill.

Here are a few reasons making a change to your hair can help you enjoy the process of losing weight more!


Making An Instant Change Feels Good

As anyone in the middle of a weight loss program will tell you, it does take time for the hard work to pay off completely. You may have lost a substantial amount of weight, but you don’t yet look exactly how you want to, and you know it’ll be months before you do. Hair, however, is something you can change in an afternoon at the salon, and walk out immediately looking better.

The instant reward factor is something we rarely get as dieters, but a change in color or style for your hair allows you to feel like a new you straight away!


When People Notice One Change, They’ll Notice The Others Too

Perhaps you are noticing the changes in your body. Your clothes feel looser, your muscles feel stronger, and everything just feels easier as you become fitter. Those close to you, or people who haven’t seen you for a while, are also likely to notice your weight loss. However, the people you see every day, for instance at work, may not notice the gradual changes because let’s be honest, we don’t really look at people we are used to seeing properly unless there is something dramatically different about them!

Many people find that if they make a change to how they look that can’t be missed, like a very different hair color or cut, people around them take a second look and also notice and compliment them on their weight loss. This can be a big boost in the middle phases of a diet!


Creating A New You

When you are losing weight, you will need to make a lot of changes – welcome ones, of course. You’ll probably change how you dress as you find you can wear things you didn’t feel confident in before (and you’ll need a new wardrobe, in any case, to accommodate your new size). You may change your routines too, to fit in more exercise and the fact you simply have more energy. A good way of psychologically marking that you are changing can be to make a big change to your appearance, and a new hairstyle is by far the easiest way to do this.

If you like the idea of a new hairstyle while you progress on your diet, check out My New Hair Styles, which is a great site with ideas and tutorials to help you find a cut or color you’ll love!

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