You need to do so much more than pay the mortgage and collect rent when running a commercial property. You must ensure the building is well maintained, aesthetically-pleasing, safe and secure. As a result, the property will continue to operate efficiently and will be compliant with safety regulations. Our homes are not commercial buildings per se, but perhaps we need to start treating them more as one: they are an investment, we have legal responsibilities and a duty of care for people on our property, and we want them to look good!  Here are standard commercial maintenance checks you should apply to your home.


  • Roof Restoration


A roof will be exposed to various elements 24 hours per day. Unfortunately, if you fail to make the necessary repairs, your building and occupants will pay the price. Never ignore important roofing repairs, as neglect will lead to additional expensive problems you could easily have avoided.

It is therefore important to take a proactive approach to roof inspections and repairs, which can prevent leaks or exposure. Hire an experienced roofing company to perform inspections in spring and fall, who can replace missing shingles, remove debris from gutters and repair a damaged roof.


  • Aesthetic Improvements


If you want to boost the value of your property, you must continually maintain and improve the building’s aesthetics to increase its curb appeal. For example, you should give the property a fresh coat of paint, remove visible trash, clear accumulated clutter, and resolve any cosmetic issues.


  • Care for Entrances and Exits


It is important every property owner provides both occupants and visitors with safe and secure entrances and exists. It is essential to successfully maintain any doors or gates, which should be both easy to use and safe to prevent potential accidents or injuries. For this reason, ensure you inspect and repair door hinges, doorknobs, latches, handles, doorframes and steps to prevent loose objects, trip hazards and other safety issues.


  • Safe Building Systems


Both local and state law require properties to have basic building systems for habitability, such as water, heat, electricity and security. If a commercial building owner fails to maintain these systems, they may be faced with an expensive lawsuit for providing substandard services and conditions that can affect the safety of tenants; however, as a homeowner, you are not legally obligated to provide these things, but by ensuring that your services are regularly maintained and inspected you will improve your family’s safety – have regular electricity, plumbing and HVAC system inspections.


  • Clean Enclosed Spaces


Many commercial properties house dumpsters in enclosed spaces, which will require regular attention and maintenance. Not only will a neglected dumpster become an eyesore, but it could also result in the appearance unwanted pests, which will encourage tenants to move.

You need to be vigilant about your home’s trash storage areas too. Not only will the unwanted critters lead to significant damage to your property, but they can pose a safety and sanitation risk. You must therefore keep your yard clean and tidy to create an attractive, safe environment.

Do you have any helpful advice for maintaining your property? Please share your tips by writing a comment in the below section.